First post from my Nokia N82

Sat 05/04/2008 20:02 05042008101

Picture of a boy taken at Wai Sek Kai, Jalan Sayur during yesterday’s race.

I love the kid’s anticipation for the impending deep fried goodies. Did I mention that the stall’s owner is one hellva looker…reminiscent of Fei Xiang?

Yeah, so I was racing but that doesn’t mean I can’t check out the bois aye?

p/s: I gave the N95 to my Dad. I couldn’t think of anyone else who could use it better. He was especially thrilled at the web browsing capabilities and yes, I’ve warned him about subscribing to unlimited 3G. And he wouldn’t stop asking me about the video taking capabilities…I just can’t help but wonder wtf videos is he planning to make. Hrmmph.

p/p/s: While I’m happy that the N95 is in good hand, I still can’t help but grieve. It’s been the most reliable phone I’ve ever used and to say that I’m in love with it is only mere understatement. I’m sure I’ll get over it soon enough with the impressive Nokia N82 but what can I say, I’m a sentimental person.

18 thoughts on “First post from my Nokia N82”

  1. N82 has been given very good reviews from a few sources.
    I think it has one of the best cameras on a cellphone

  2. aik…taman muda ‘yau char kuey’ o…
    ish ish…. nostalgicnya…. been ages since i went there lo….i still remember got restoran muhibbah as my childhood makan place when go market for some groceries….

  3. i totally feel you kim. After 3 days and im still thinking if i should let go of my N95. Its seriously the best Nokia ive ever used and the time spent with it just carries too much special moments.

    i.. just went and changed my n95 keypad and casing and now it looks like new now…. even harder to let gooooo…..

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