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i love my pup so much 3

I’m currently blogging from Mentakab, a quaint town in Pahang where my Mom grew up. We have just celebrated my granny’s 70th birthday. I’m not going to talk about my granny yet as the pictures are still in the camera.

We made our way back early this morning. Brought Sisi along too, of course. She’s used to the car and all already and was comfortably catching cat naps (heh) throughout the 1.5 hrs journey.

#1 Checking me out before she konked out in her basket.

sisi 1

We arrived at the house we’re renting for one night. It’s located just behind my granny’s home. It’s our first time staying at a residential house while visiting my granny. We used to stay at my granny’s when we’re younger, but since my cousins and us have grown quite a bit there’s not much space to go around and we had to stay at the nearby hotels till this trip.

The house is huge. 3 big bedrooms and a loft with 4 (!!) beds in it. All got air-cons and only for RM160 a night. Perfect for us till…..
power cut at noon. FYI, Mentakab hasn’t been experiencing the torrential rains KL’s getting. We were so hot, we ended up:

#2 Lying on the marble floor to cool off.


#3 Excuse my greasy face as it was really fucking hot.


But I was still in a jolly mood cause the marble floor really did cool us down and we were all just lying down, chit-chatting while a little fluff went on a rampage.

#4 Fluff above my head about to exact her revenge…


#5 …which was licking my face ferociously for taking over the floorspace.


#6 Sigh, I love you too :)


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Down memory lane.

I’m totally lacking motivation to blog. So I browsed through my flickr, sometimes I think of it as more or less a photo blog.

For instance, I was surprised to see that I had such patience and motivation to do this 3 years ago.

I rocked those nails for about a week till I had to cut them off for a college’s inter-department netball match. The umpire literally handed me a nail clipper and made me cut them plastic off on the field of Methodist Boy School. My team didn’t win, and my loss of spirit due to the nail cutting incident probably contributed to that, haha.

Ah and this.

One of my camwhoring shots before camwhoring was even popular. I’ll be a very happy camper if I could fit into the same shirt again. Only 5 kilos away, man.

Oh and I realised that I used to walk around dressed up…weirdly too.

(although to be honest, I’ll do it all over again at 53kilos).

Yellow cropped cardigan, a Ralph Lauren tie-back cropped halter neck I found in a clearance bin, mom’s vintage belt and jeans? Fashion forward or……skanky?

Sigh memories!

p/s: mom’s vintage belt was spotted at Top Shop not long ago, but my mom’s one is still way nicer!

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My new favourite dress from Paperdoll.

Here’s me in my new favourite dress from Paperdoll.

Ribbon Trails

Paperdoll is started by the vivacious Ms. Jo and I think she’s got a fab taste for timeless, wearable pieces, perfect for curvaceous (ahem) ladies like us.

I like Paperdoll because you have to key in your vital stats before ordering and Ms. Jo would personally check to see if you could fit in the clothes before completing the transaction. That means there’s no need to worry about ill-fitting clothes.

My shopping loot arrived safely via registered mail wrapped in soft papers in a bubble envelope.


Here’s to girls dressing up like girls again!

Ribbon trails

p/s: don’t mind the messy house :P

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