My new favourite dress from Paperdoll.

Here’s me in my new favourite dress from Paperdoll.

Ribbon Trails

Paperdoll is started by the vivacious Ms. Jo and I think she’s got a fab taste for timeless, wearable pieces, perfect for curvaceous (ahem) ladies like us.

I like Paperdoll because you have to key in your vital stats before ordering and Ms. Jo would personally check to see if you could fit in the clothes before completing the transaction. That means there’s no need to worry about ill-fitting clothes.

My shopping loot arrived safely via registered mail wrapped in soft papers in a bubble envelope.

Here’s to girls dressing up like girls again!

Ribbon trails

p/s: don’t mind the messy house :P

12 thoughts on “My new favourite dress from Paperdoll.”

  1. chumi: thanks!

    ky: bleh

    joanna: nah thanks for the great dress :)

    dils: true that. karen cheng is a lovely blogger and i love reading her but i don’t think it’s her pose…no offence :)

    tock: sisi will always be here!

    pau: aih..fat dy don’t even look remotely similar! -_-

    dabs: hehe thanks.

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