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Camhoring with my other soulmate.

Ngeh ngeh ngeh. More pictures of my Sisi and…..me too. We were going out for dinner at Korean Village. Thank goodness they didn’t throw us out, but Sisi was very well-behaved and sweet.


In the car


Boobydoo is working hard over the weekend and I bet Sisi misses him too. Here’s our love to you babbee, mwahs.


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Lame headlines.

The Star’s Most Viewed story today is “Superman found dead, hours after leaving jail“. Curious, I clicked on the link and realised it’s only a report about the death of a man named Super-man Awang. Oh, I see the humour. Ha ha ha. It’s a story of a dead person for goodness’ sake. What’s more worthy of the headline, his unfortunate name or the fact that he was killed by two slashes to the chest?

Remember “People just Khan believe it!” a few days ago? What was the sub-editor aiming for? A pun? It’s not even funny. Lame puns in a serious newspaper is just pathetic.

Why can’t we just have boring headline that tells it as it is?

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My teddy bear.

Hehe…she had a haircut. The groomer got crazy with the clipper (our mistake). So, some pictures to commemorate this moment because she’ll never ever look like a boy again! After losing all her hair, she got rather suicidal and kept jumping off from high places. We literally had to watch her every second so that we could catch her before she breaks a leg. My mom was so sad for two days. Someone told us that it’s normal for shih tzus to get depressed after a major haircut and eventhough it sounds so ridiculous, I’m starting to believe it :(

She’s gotten much better though these days because we gave her a lot of loving :) She’s also been promoted to my parents’ bedroom so now she sleeps in a basket (like the one in the pictures below) by their bed. I’m so glad because I really hate seeing her locked-up in a cage.

The cage now functions as a toilet only. I’m happy to say that she’s properly weewee/poopoo trained. Although the other day she ter-weewee on my bed because I was too engrossed in playing with her to realise she had been scratching my bed for a long time (that’s her sign that she needs to get to her cage to relieve her bladder). Alas, poor girl let it out :P

My teddy bear.

My teddy bear.

My teddy bear.

I took her to KY’s house for Kura-Kura’s party too. She was a hit and even the birthday girl felt envious of the attention Sisi received ahahha. Sorry Rach LMAO.

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