Appearing on The Firm, NTV7.

I thought I was going for a food review but found myself in the middle of a reality show. It was not the best experience in the world because the media event was truly, as they said in the show, a media disaster.

What they didn’t reveal was that I waited for almost 2 hours in the sweltering heat, there was nobody manning the media registration counter and all I got was a glass of soft drink.

Also, I disagree with the Bubba Gump’s boss that media event “cannot start with only 3 medias as it defeats the whole purpose of media event”. Well, you don’t ever punish medias with more waiting, especially not when they’ve been punctual and professional. What the team should have done was to think up of other micro events to occupy the punctual medias but obviously, they failed to do that.

The show didn’t really change much of what actually transpired but they did cut out the best bit of the event:

The team made all the medias gave out their date of births (big humongous no no) and then, at the end of the event…they pulled a TGIF on one of us who happened to be celebrating birthday in that month (second big humongous no no). It was one of the scariest and funniest thing I’ve ever witnessed. Poor fella was made to stand on a chair surrounded by a singing, cheering mob, hahaha.

If you’ve watched the video and spotted me, well obviously I was only getting screen times due to my various facial interpretations of what-the-fuck-is-going-on-here.

For the whole show check out this link.

15 thoughts on “Appearing on The Firm, NTV7.”

  1. i’ve heard of the firm but i’m not sure what the show’s about.. is it like a kind of show where teams have to run events? is it like several teams or are there many people that form one big team (that eventually becomes smaller) and are eliminated one by one?

    anyway regardless.. the video that you showed of this particular 4-man team is such an accurate micro representative of the typical malaysian team. there’s always the bossy one who doesnt listen to other people, the one who needs to be told exactly what to do and doesnt take any other initiative, the one who doesnt know how to make him/herself helpful and them blames it on bad leadership.. etc. haih. i wonder if it was just bad chemistry or they were tired out from all these months of reality tv-ing.

    oh and ur eye rolling part is damn cute! hahahaha i LOLed!

  2. “i dont want to put words into her mouth (but she sure hell needs a good stuffing with mah dick)” hehehehee

    that joolee girl is such an annoying bitch. *rolls eyes*
    “im waiting for kian you to usher the media.” wtf

    the notebook with one sticker stuck on it is frikin stupid idea. waraooo
    and how ambitious of them to expect 10 media when they obviously didnt even state properly what event it was.

    the number one worst thing to do when inviting media to go to ur event is to ignore them lor. worse than event startling later than planned. if late or anything, attend to the media and tell them what;s going on rather than ignore them and let them hanging ard feeling pissed off. how stupid do u need to be to not know u have an event in a restaurant with waiters at ur disposal not to usher media to the sealed-off section and offer them drinks and tidbits while they wait?

    i wont stake my co’s reputation by linking myself with a bunch of n00bs doing event for me lor. what a waste of time.

  3. actually, this whole video sorta saddens me! I dunno y! It’s like we (the media) always expect to be treated decently, w/o considering the efforts they (the pr team) put in.

    but argh, tell me abt waiting for events to start! waste our timeeeeee!

  4. Su Ann: The Firm is something like The Apprentice of Donald Trump fame but of course ours is not that glamorous.

    Someone took the video down, it’s not available anymore :(

  5. quachee: always more than what’s shown eh hehe

    david: yeah lol

    pinkpau: it’s like The Apprentice. lol i really hope they were just doing it for tele.

    naeboo: yalor. bubba gump’s own PR firm is fantastic, a far cry from the bunch of clowns. there wasn’t even any respect for each other just a lot of finger pointing and no initiative whatsoever to achieve the goal.

    ky: not as FEHMES as you!

    justin: lol!

    annegel: aih, i have to say not many are as considerate like you, woman. some of the journos i’ve met were extremely, extremely unprofessional and seemed to be perpetually on a power trip. treat us pr ppl like second class humans.

    hb: well, i’d rather be on tv to be recognised for something lah :)

    simon: just youtube maintenance. it’s still available.

  6. yah lor. damn disgusting how that julie girl and chris keep pointing fingers at the leader when hes the one whos trying to pull things together. but he also bodoh one go announce to ppl that journo is late hahahaha.

    there’s alw the same everywhere. alw got those media and pr ppl doing powertrips on u. they alw forget it’s a symbiotic relationship. no pr no media, same the other way round.

    it’s sickening how some pr ppl is so rude and still keep their jobs. and it’s also sickening how some journos are so arrogant when they come from small publications. (which doesnt mean they can act like that if they come from bigger pubs. but u knw lar what i mean)

  7. ya i watched it on tv! and haha I did recognize u. You have that confusing face of what is going on, and ya everybody was so angry, no cooperation, and was quite an awkward situation, jokes weren’t even funny.

    Kesian u all. But the girl got kicked out anyway.

  8. I dunno why is a acca student in that competition n acting like small kid… lol.. DUN PUT WORDS INTO MY MOUTH! Loudnya! go playback n see! hahaha…

    Haha… rolling eyes babe! =)

  9. omg, it’s so painful to watch. i think high school kids organize school canteen day is nicer to watch and will make better reality tv show > <“

  10. I seriously feel shameful for ourselves being Malaysian. “The Apprentice” was such a success but participants in “The Firm” are all so immature! Is it because they do not know how to screen out the poor or our country seriously lacking of talents?

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