Different faces of Sisi.

I know this is turning into a pet fanatic’s blog but you can leave if you don’t like.

#1 This is Sisi being grumpy after being told not to touch my mug of tea.


#2 This is Sisi sneakily trying to disturb my beverage anyway.


#3 This is Sisi napping next to her cage.


#4 This is her pretending to be dead.

Pretend dead.
Conning the doggy insurance.

I saw her ate her own poo last night and I was so sad :(

Today she pooped in my brother’s bedroom (wakaka). We’re trying very hard to train her so please do feel free to leave any tip, pet lovers :) She’s barely 3 month old.

Oh here’s a picture of me and Karamjit Singh and dad at Merdeka Millennium Endurance. He used to navigate for me pop when he was in the 80s rally scene. TBH, I used to think my Dad was just making up stories till Mr. Singh pulled my Dad over to his friends and started introducing him as the fella he navigated for last time. I am damn proud lah :)

Me, Karamjit Singh and Dad.
Me, Karamjit Singh and Dad.

p/s: Don’t make fun of my puffy face, english food bloats you up!

20 thoughts on “Different faces of Sisi.”

  1. Kim, all kinds of food, when eaten in excess will bloat you up, never mind just English food.

    Well maybe except Celery. Takes more energy to chew and digest it, than its actual calorie value.

    So when are you gonna join Rachael and I at the gym ?

  2. ah, you drink your lipton without susu pekat manis…that will slim you down

    don’t worry, lay off some curries, fried food, swim a few laps and you’ll be back to your old self

    bad dog, bad

    but consolation to your bro, a cat shat and pissed in my bed and I fell asleep in it because I was too tired to notice

  3. Praise Sisi a LOT when she does the right thing. This is the best way to train a dog. Dogs are usually very much about fitting into the pack … which is why she was probably curious about your cup of tea too. Her Mommy is drinking tea, so she probably wanted to have a sniff to see what it is.

    Don’t forget to praise your BF a lot when he doesn’t get jealous of Sisi. This should work for him also! :-)

  4. Hmm, try putting newspapers at a corner, and buying one of those spray thingys that smell like pee. They are available at pet stores. Spray a little on the papers, so that she will think that it is pee, and will be more inclined to pee there. Sisi is a girl, she will be MUCH easier to train than my naughty male Shihtzu. If she poops some place, gather the poop and put it on another edge of the papers too. In time, she will learn (cross fingers!)

  5. When a dog eats his/her own poo, he/she is either stressed or upset… so maybe try playing with Sisi more or taking her for walks more often. I’m not sure if everyone train their dogs the same way, but when I was toilet training mine, I started off with newspapers in the house. When she did a boo-boo on the floor, I cleaned it up, put it infront of her nose so that she knows and said “NO” sternly. Then I put her on the newspaper. It’s better when you catch your pup in action though. So you can tell her “NO” right after she does her business and immediately put her on the newspaper. It didn’t take long for my pup to learn. When she did her first pee on the newspaper, I praised and praised and praised her, then rewarded her with a snack. I didn’t change the newspaper and left it there for another day or two, so she knew how to go back to the same spot. After a couple of weeks, whenever she peed on the newspaper I simply put her outside the house… and somehow, very naturally.. she now knows how to scratch on the door when she wants to go to the toilet =).

    Good Luck.

  6. fox: true that lol. but 3 weeks of spuds everyday surely made it worse!!!

    weetak: aiyo ur cat so notti!!!

    naeboo: yeah he’s world no 1! just pity msia is not supporting the sports as much as it should.

    dabs: hehe i’ll keep that in mind (the bf part)

    whimsicaljottings: we got the spray it does help a lot..we’re training her to poop/pee into the catchment tray under her cage and she mostly does it. just sometimes dunno why she goes at random places :( maybe she was stressed or upset like what susan (comment below) was saying. thanks for your tips!!

    shihtzu lover: omg you got the cutest joel and coco!! thanks for the link just so happy looking at them haha

    suertes: lol

    susan: thanks for the tips! i think you’re rite she’s prolly upset or stressed when she decides to pee/poo somewhere else rather than the designated area.

  7. Warning – some dogs eat their own poop because they like it. :p I read dooce.com and Heather cerita abt how their new dog Coco is so cute but obsessed with its own crap. XD Let’s hope your Sisi is just having an experimental phase.

    Might also be a sign of missing nutritional elements.

  8. wow. i respect him, handful of rally guys made it. i wish there are more. the days when i watch him , he was driving the tulan EON-proton-something 4×4. knowing the fact hell fuck Proton dont do 4×4, its a Lancer Evo III.

  9. there’s a poop spray you can get. spray it on the places you want your doggy to poop at and she’ll do it on her own. other option according to Archie comic is show her how it’s done muahahahaha. :p

  10. erna: yeah i suspect mine likes it also! hahaha but she’s been a good girl lately, havent eaten her poop for long. i guess the cold shoulders helped!

    davidlian: lol

    aeroplane1234: it’s true. my dad dropped out also because he wanted a career that would feed his family -_- so respect to karamjit singh, he’s been through a lot to reach this point!

    ellie: i got it! it does help lol. i have to shut my toilet door when she’s staring at me at curiously at the door…cannot lah!!

    hb: dogs FTW! cats are lansi lah!

  11. Take the dog out for walk twice a day. That’s how I trained our family dog when she was a puppy. She will do her business twice a day, morning and evening. Don’t let the dog sniffs too much during the walk. You must train the dog to follow you.

  12. I heard dogs eating their own poop are lack of something since young and vets might be able to help them with some kind of supplements. Since 3 months is still young, maybe you need to bring him for a checkup.

    As for potty training, I’ve trained my dog (shihtzu) this way.

    1) I feed him twice a day, morning and night (fullmeal). I make him have this habit to eat a full meal and shit next. So every time when he finished eating, I will bring him to my back kitchen and instruct him with a keyword (potty) for him to shit. I repeat potty till he did it.
    2) after he poo/pee, i will give him tidbits as reward, it makes a dog remember better ! :D (you can bring him potty when you think he needs it, not necessary his main meals only)
    3) Well, he might not get it at first, so initially you need to determine that he hasn’t poo/pee in order to get him to the place you want to train, and repeat potty till he does it, then reward him.

    The full cycle I did everyday for a month until he gets it.

    Good luck! Please send my love and hugs to your baby~~

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