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Different faces of Sisi.

I know this is turning into a pet fanatic’s blog but you can leave if you don’t like.

#1 This is Sisi being grumpy after being told not to touch my mug of tea.


#2 This is Sisi sneakily trying to disturb my beverage anyway.


#3 This is Sisi napping next to her cage.


#4 This is her pretending to be dead.

Pretend dead.
Conning the doggy insurance.

I saw her ate her own poo last night and I was so sad :(

Today she pooped in my brother’s bedroom (wakaka). We’re trying very hard to train her so please do feel free to leave any tip, pet lovers :) She’s barely 3 month old.

Oh here’s a picture of me and Karamjit Singh and dad at Merdeka Millennium Endurance. He used to navigate for me pop when he was in the 80s rally scene. TBH, I used to think my Dad was just making up stories till Mr. Singh pulled my Dad over to his friends and started introducing him as the fella he navigated for last time. I am damn proud lah :)

Me, Karamjit Singh and Dad.
Me, Karamjit Singh and Dad.

p/s: Don’t make fun of my puffy face, english food bloats you up!

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