Mooncake Fest 08

We went up to Genting to check out my parents’ new apartment and also to celebrate mooncake festival. Together with our neighbours, we ate, got drunk and batu-ed (ahem) by a bonfire till wee hours in the morning, singing Kumbaya and Beatles, lol. It was fun.

Full moon flanked by fairy lights and lanterns.

Sisi was filthy by the time we reached home. I watched my mom bathed her for the first time. It’s amazing how much smaller she is when she’s drenched.


Wiping face and eye booger.
Wiping her face.

After a good soap and scrub, it’s time for a blow job!

Time to fluff her up again.

I kept telling my boyfriend that we could really consider not having children and just have dogs but I’ve changed my mind after looking through these pictures by Mr. Phillip Toledano.


Check it out, and don’t forget the Kleenex (or Premier) while you’re at it. Must see/read from the beginning.

Toledano’s other work is equally impressive, you can find them here.