Fantastic night.

It’s become a ritual of sorts that we celebrate all our anniversaries in Boat House, TTDI.

We like the food and the service is always awesome. The waiter remembered us although we haven’t been there for ages.

Happy 3rd anniversary.
Love you baby boo.

3 years.
Scribbled by the boo.

5 thoughts on “Fantastic night.”

  1. sorry my comment came in late. but really damn touched to read your love story in your previous post. my bf and i was the same case too. been hanging around in each other’s lives for 5 years (going on the 6th) since we met each other on an online forum (w00t deva ju!). and after numerous ups and downs we were finally together. didn’t have to date for a few months before we started kissing and all that. coz mainly we were already uber comfortable with each other’s presence. XD maybe it’s the expectation of each other to be together that made our love so warm right now~

    bless you and your boo forever~ love is hard to find. being a teenage gal with peers hungry for love and doing silly things to be involved, i am pretty satisfied with my own love life too~ hope you are too~ :)

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