Most fantastic video ever.

Click to watch the best video ever.

Let me guess, watching this video that exudes exuberance fantasticism has left you wanting more…craving more, right?

I know, I do have that effect on people…

Anyway, I’m still buzzing from the very moment Lokman told me over MSN that he’s giving me his tix because he couldn’t miss golf to passing them to me at his office to doing the video and now. Let me reiterate, Lokman is da best, I <3 da Lokman and I'm so hyper now. I cannot sleep. It actually feels like back when I was a kid about to board my very first plane. w00t! Ok, before I try to go back to attempt sleeping, check out what I've prepared for tomorrow and yes, the oh so precious tix. Le sigh.... Picnic mats.
Picnic mats. Can fit about 25 people’s buttocks.

Live & Loud - Turn on the pop.
Live & Loud – Turn on the Pop!