A very special date.

After my last breakup, I swore off the male species and resigned myself to a lifetime of being single. It was a simple rationale, no boyfriend meant no disappointment. To be honest, I was more relieved than sad, considering it was a long distance relationship (KL-UK) and the fact that he had commitment problems that drove me insane. One day, after a 2 year relationship and 6 months of broken promises and not seeing him, I finally realised it was not going to work. I broke it off over the phone.

It took me a long time to finally accept the reality of the situation. I lived like a zombie for a while, constantly plagued by urges to call him and beg him to take me back. But I needed to be happy really bad. The relationship was bad for me, he was bad for me and at the end of the day, I didn’t really have a future with him.

In the middle of the mess, I met him. Of all places, an online forum. He had also just come out of a nasty relationship and had sworn off women. It started out as flirtatious bantering. And we gradually moved on to chatting on MSN Messenger. Sometimes when thoughts of my ex rushed back into my brains and my hatred for men reignited, I would even block him on MSN for days.

It didn’t take long for me to be smitten. He’s really smart, quick, witty and very knowledgeable. And the pictures arrived and I really liked what I saw. Soon, we were chatting more than 10 hours everyday. He would cross an 8-lane highway just to buy more Internet dial-up cards to stay online with me. Sometimes, we would talk on the phone…not frequently because he wasn’t in Malaysia (he got whisked away to the land of boredom for work).

Once he came out on the papers and I showed the article to my Mom. She thought something was up, her daughter showing her a newspaper article about a random stranger and while doing that, couldn’t stop smiling or giggling. Yes Mom, your daughter was in love. Finally, after more than a month, his stint in the land of boredom ended and on 6 December 2004, we met.

I picked him up at KL Sentral. I was really nervous. So nervous, that I popped the bonnet instead of my car’s boot. The first time we saw each other, we hugged for the longest time. Before KL Sentral disappeared from our line of sights, we were already making out furiously in the car. The rest, is what you call a history.

Happy 3rd Anniversary.
Singapore, 30 June 2006

Today is our 3rd anniversary. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Your are my best friend, my pillar of strength and the best sex in the world =)

I love you so much, baby boo.

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  1. as someone who’s just starting out in a relationship that’s going to be entering some uncertain times soon, its heartwarming to read this post. keep on blogging and congratulations on your 3rd anniversary! ^^

  2. Awwwww…………I love listening to success stories, what more when it’s romantic as hell. Congratulations to making it to three fruitful years. If you laugh a lot, you’ve got it made! Oh, and of course, the sex. Shhh…

  3. p.i: thanks :) and all the best in your relationship

    bg: thanks bg :)

    shari + suanie: thanks babes

    davidlian: wow dude, that’s awesome!

    ky: meh

    yes: why don’t u leave that to your imagination?

    bigpumpkin: yeah we make each other laugh like noone’s business. and on the sex, he he he

    angeline: the bad relationships always make the next one MUCH better

    FA: hehehhehe thanks bitch

    eleanor: u n yulius also damn sweet wat!

    suertes: wow back to u

  4. Happy anniversary!!!!! Awwww so happy for u both. So schweet! Hey your love story sounds almost exactly like mine except that I picked the dude off his website. Hehe. The part before “the rest was history” was similar. Hehehe.

  5. Thats a really nice ending. Im really happy for you. I still remember last time you told me about this relationship while we were working in exhibition. how we have talked about those guys thats older than us.Well, 1 year after that, i hook up with a guy thats same age, It has been 3 years plus, last week, i found out that he is cheating on me. I encourage him to take up projecst and build up his work profile, he went to bangkok for work,and as u know, heaven for boys. Finally,, it just happened. heartbroken, sad… I hope i can be as strong as u..

  6. I know this entry was eons ago but I had to leave a comment heh. It’s reading stories like this gives me hope. :) and makes me feel really happy for you guys. Even if I don’t know you personally at all (Blog hopped from cheesie’s blog) Coincidentally, I met my guy through an online forum as well and like you guys, we pretty much got hooked to each other lol. But we still have a couple years to go before either one of moves. Long distances is hard but sometimes you know it’s going to be worth it. :)

  7. i like that best sex is in there! LOL :D go, you (two)!! now with the proposal as the frontliner on your blog, i’m reading through all these past (anniversary) posts and gushing like a mad buffoon!!! :D :D :D gaaah. y’all are an inspiration.

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