December 19, 2007 - Narcissism is Necessary

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Wear tight panties please.

So we’re going to the chilling falls tomorrow. A refreshing break from the constant unhealthy activities we’ve been doing (ie: eat, sleep, drink, smoke bla bla bla).

I informed my Mom about it. She, fresh from her company’s motivation camp in the jungle certainly had tonnes of stories to share. Apparently, two of her colleagues, both male and female had a brush with death by the leeches.

One had one sucking on her thighs and the other on his calf. The male was so spooked out he had decided to get an antibiotic jab.

Just now, Mom called me again to ask about my trip to the falls. She was babbling about some blogs and stuff. She wants to start blogging and earn some Nuffnang $$$ when she embarks on her early retirement next year. After about 10 minutes of babbling, she got into the serious topic. Mommy warned me to wear tight panties.

Cause I have to keep my POONANI off limit to the leeches!

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