Horrible day

It’s a fucking horrible day. First, my period’s being stubborn. Just fucking bleed, ok? I have a party to attend this weekend and the last thing I want is to feel bloated, bleak and bloody.

Then in some dumb twist of circumstances I got into an identity crisis that’s totally uncalled for. Long story, not in the mood to explain and I’m not her. Stop speculating, fuckers.

I drove to college with an almost empty petrol tank. Thought I could make my way home. Yeah I did. But it was minus aircon, radio and under a sweltering afternoon sun. I must have lost 2 buckets of sweat.

I came home to find my mail opened by some fucker. Probably the postman. It’s some marketing gimmick package from Nike, he probably thought it’s something valuable since it’s shaped and weighs like a cd. Still, I feel violated.

I just hate my life right now. My acnes are starting to bother me. I’m tired and sleepy all the time and I can’t stop eating. I need to go shopping.

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