My decade-old battle with atopic eczema.

My atopic eczema has taken a turn for the worst. My entire legs, shoulders, upper arms, decolletage and neck are covered in angry, itchy bumps :(

I’ve been dealing with this every year since I was 16 and yet it still feels absolutely depressing every single time. I’ve deliberately stopped seeing dermatologists because I can’t bear the idea of applying steroid creams on my skin ever again. I really believe that flare-ups that happen after steroid cream treatments are worse than the previous and would take longer to subside because the skin has thinned out so much.

Basically everything I do nowadays to deal with my eczema is just basically to prevent the rashes from itching. Eczema gets worse from scratching, the more you scratch the bigger the offending patch becomes. Once you’ve got your fill from scratching, the itch turns to pain and at that point, scarring might even occur. I still have my fuck-it moments where I scratch till my skin is raw and weeping (in fact, I had one just this morning…both my legs are lobster red now :P) and I’m pretty sure a lot of eczema sufferers would agree that feeling pain is much more tolerable than itching. But scratching is BAD. Infections, scarring…not a pretty sight.

The ways I deal with are categorised into two weather conditions; humid or dry.

When it’s hot and humid, I use calamine lotion to calm down the rashes. It does help to cool my skin down and soothes the itching a lot and prevents me from sweating much, which aggravates the rashes. Calamine is very drying so I don’t really like using it so much but I find myself using it a lot this time because of the stupid weather.

Calamine, calamine. I look like I just stepped out from a pink flour fight.

When it’s dry or when I’m in air-conditioned room, I use a lot of emollients and cream to keep my skin moisturised. I don’t have much luck with finding a good cream – they either have too much chemicals or have steroids. So, now I just apply manuka honey UMF15+ that I got online. They do help though I can’t really stand the smell. Smells like piss -_-

Manuka honey.

When showering, I use Oilatum only. It’s an emollient which you can get from most pharmacies. No chemicals laden shower gels please etc. Oilatum helps to calm down the skin very much and the skin always feel soft after using it.

I try to stay in cool or air-conditioned rooms because I find that sweating really makes it worse. I also wear long sleeves and long trousers, which I find help me to stay itch-less for many hours and even when I itch, I can rub my skin over a layer of fabric instead of direct contact, which in turn helps to negate the need to scratch. Also, long sleeves and trousers can avoid freaking people out :P

All this skin rashes talk makes me feel soooooo sexay. I don’t know why I’m doing this, scaring you guys away but I guess there are a lot of people out there suffering just like me and hopefully if you stumbled upon this post, you may find the ways I deal with my eczema useful to you too.

Just to end with a sweet note, here are some pictures of me with Koyuki and Senna, taken at Michael‘s awesomesauce BBQ Birthday Party on Saturday. Rest assured I will blog about this fabulous party.

With Koyuki, who needs no introduction.

With Senna, who is Michael’s brother, Lance’s baby girl.

Glad I was at the party before this stupid rash took over my life.


Update: February 2013

I haven’t had a flare-up eversince I determined that citronella oil or whatever that is in those natural mosquito repellent as well as bee pollen as the causes of my eczema. It has been 2 years since I itched.

It is ironic because I can use those chemically laden mossie repellent but the organic natural ones would send me into a scratching frenzy. It took me a while to narrow the triggers down but I think getting an allergy test would help tremendously (I was too cheap/broke to get one).

When I get very stressed up though, I do have really small patches appearing on my arm or leg but they would disappear soon after I slather on copious amount of moisturiser (I use Rosken).

I urge atopic eczema sufferers to really try and determine your triggers. Be very mindful of what you used, touched or eat just before a flare-up.

I used to just dab apple cider vinegar straight onto my rashes and it burned like a beeeeeech but it did help to calm the rashes down, better than scratching really. Oilatum for showering and QV for moisturisation was the best for me during my episodes. I can’t stress enough about moisturising, it really helped to calm the rashes for me. I reapplied religiously after my skin has absorbed the lotion..roughly every 2 hours.

Good luck!

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  1. Hey, I had really bad eczema when I was younger too, and I can totally identify with your description of the situation… I used to wake up really really depressed with spots of blood on my bedsheets, from the wounds of my scratches =(

    I took an allergy blood test a few years back and turns out that the source of the problem is actually an extreme allergy towards dust mites. That explained why my scratching usually happened at night, because mattresses are full of them. I bought a special dust mite cover for my mattress and pillows and since then I have recovered, and now I don’t even use the dust mite covers anymore.

    Not saying that you might be allergic to dust mites but perhaps you should take an allergy test to find out the source of your problem. It really increased my quality of life =)

    Hope this helps.

  2. Heyya, I started following you on twitter lately and just read your post about your eczema.

    Before I continue, I would like to ask a few questions. You may or may not answer them, but at least it allows me to assess your current situation a little better.

    My first question would be, do you take any kind of supplements? e.g. fish oil, evening primrose oil, multi vitamins, vitamin c or any of that sort.

    Second question is, how determined are you to get rid of it?

    I think I shall ask that for now. But if you dont feel like replying, it is ok. I would share the little knowledge I have if you are interested in listening more.

    If you feel I bombarded your blog, I truly apologize.


    1. boo: i will give that a try, thanks!!

      Jun-E: yeah, i’ve been considering taking an allergy test too. i don’t know why it has taken me so long i guess it’s procrastination :P could you recommend the lab that you went to? thx! :)

      elwyn: i no longer take supplements because i’m convinced they are among the reasons why i got flare ups. of course i’m determined to get rid of this or at least have it under control. pls, do share your knowledge…thanks!! :)

  3. Hi,

    Well, why do you think supplements are the cause for flare ups? Or maybe you are allergic to a particular vitamin or mineral within that supplement?

    Well, I would like to share that fish oil or maybe more on the Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial towards people who are suffering from skin diseases. I used to hear stories about fish oil / omega 3 fatty acids (which you can get from flax seed oil as well) actually helped children with eczema problems.

    Have you ever tried fish oil supplements before? Or Omega-3 fatty acids supplements? Try if you can. The higher the DHA and EPA content in the fish oil the better. Also make sure it has been molecularly distilled. An article on this is here:

    I hope I was of help. I do sell fish oil supplements, but there are many in the market. If you want to find out more, I guess you can email me about it. But if the information that I gave above is sufficient, then I hope that it helps~!


  4. I’m using Dermaveen moisturing lotion. It’s not oily and the oatmeal smell doesnt linger the whole day. Only when you apply it.

    Got it from a skin clinic in Kepong. Not sure if you can find it in pharmacy.

    Doc recommended 3 step combo. Tar soap & oilatum for bath. Moisturing lotion for after shower.

    Let me know if you wanna know the clinic name.


  5. I have bad eczema too. But unfortunately for me, it strikes my mouth. SO, imagine having to walk around all the time with horribly peeling and red lips that looked like some oral fungal infection that people stare.

    I had limited choice so I had to use Elomet (a over the counter steroid cream). After many trials and errors, cocoa butter products or lip balms works better than petroleum jelly ones.

    Good luck to us sufferers, right?

  6. i get eczema too when the weather is really hot.mostly behind my knees and inner elbows. i dont get rashes but mine started with itchy reddened skin which later developed into flaky,shiny,scaly dry patches.

    but recently i noticed that after i consumed alcohol, i get them on my decolletage,neck,chest & upper arms too! URGH. so I bought E45 Itch relief cream (that is supposed to help treat eczema skin)and a jar of E45 cream from Boots.

    turned out that E45 itch relief cream stings my eczema inflamed skin SO MUCH i stopped using it and just apply E45 cream on the affected areas.after few days of continuous application i can see so much improvement! after the affected area healed, i stopped applying E45 cream. but the affected area on my right shoulder where i used to apply the cream was SO FREAKING SOFT compared to my normal skin(left shoulder). seriously.

    E45 makes such a good body lotion that helps treat my eczema patches! sadly they are not available here in malaysia thou.

  7. jane: sorry to know that babe. maybe we can find some ways to control it from the comments here.

    elwyn: i used to eat 1000mg fish oil from GNC together with EPO, biotin & vitamin C. but have since stopped everything because I still got flare-ups and I didn’t know what caused what. think i’ll take allergy test 1st before i explore supplements as a way to control my eczema. thanks for the help :)

    ray: i’ll try…i love seafood! haven’t been eating any prior to this flare-up though. aihs

    kokomon: thanks for the tips! i just bought a similar product called QV Skin Lotion i think it works similarly. so far so good!

    winnie: i feel you :( try not to use elomet so much eh, it’ll thin out the skin and makes your next flare up harder to recover. good luck to us.

    cheesie: she is bigger than charlie already ok!

    misshazel: wonder if it’s available in boots thailand? the selection of products in boots in asia is quite limited.

    ky: yeah..and gonna be bigger!!

    mell: thanks for the recommendation babe!

    jun-e: thanks :)

  8. I’ve had eczema since I was 2 or 3. And from what I gathered over the years, it only flares up after exposure to an allergy. You must keep going to the doctors until the reason for the flare up is determined, that way you’d know how to control it.

    My person allergy is towards msg laden food: junk food, instant noodle, colored food. all these things I avoid with a vengeance. Stress sometimes makes it flare up as well.

    There is this really dermatologist in SS2, near Speech & Drama if you know where that is. I used to go to him when I was young and couldn’t control my scratching. Another thing you want to do to stop the scratching is get bandages. The kind where you can wash and reuse. At night, before going to bed or after shower..apply calamine lotion or whatever you use, and then wrap the affected area up really tight. Trust me, it stops the scratching at night. I know how horrible it is to wake up the next morning, caked with yellow fluid and blood stained nails >_< You basically mummify yourself..hehe

    Erm, there is a steroid free cream on market now. Its called Elidel and for eczema. Its pretty expensive, something RM90 a tube but it really does work. The best part is that its steroid free. I use it whenever I get a flare.

    Also, try to avoid scented lotions etc. Simple has a pretty good range, so does Neutrogena. Also, maybe look for lotions that have sorbolene in it. Keeps the skin from drying up. Most important thing to bring along when going to work/out? Unscented wet wipes. Helps to keep the itching down. Whenever you feel and itch coming, pull a piece out and wipppeeee! Cools it down :D

    So I've exhausted all my knowledge. haha, I've had it since I was a kid so I pretty much have come to terms with it now. But I have to stress again how important it is to actually find the cause for the flare ups.

  9. choco: yeah you’re absolutely right. think it’s more important than ever for me to get an allergy test and find out what are my triggers. i eat everything and i’ll be so sad if it’s any of my fav food :(
    I’ll check Elidel out and thanks for the baby wipe tip! do you still get them even when you avoid your triggers??

  10. Since it was like 5 years back the details are sketchy, but my mum said that my test was conducted at Pantai Medical Centre in Bangsar, by a doctor named… er… something like Dr. Yadev. But I’m sure if you call up the medical centre they should be able to point you towards the right direction.

    Really hope it works for you (and some other people who have commented here, I can’t recommend an allergy test highly enough because it changed my life) since I know how difficult it is. Cheers!

  11. yikes i feel your pain.. i used to have pretty bad eczema on my face, under control now though. anyway, have you tried using oatmeal? i heard that oatmeal masks are good for eczema.

  12. That must be horrible, having to go through all that. But your skin looks fine! Nevermind, next time we sit inside during chicken rice. Haha!

    Time for me to buy you lunch instead.

  13. foodcrazee: thanks man, will do :)

    jun-e: thanks for the heads up!! :)

    royalmasala: yeah i heard oatmeal is good too but havent tried it. wonder those quaker oatmeals can work?

    hb: it’s fine when there’s no flare ups. but i get a bad flare-up every few months :( im fine w sitting outside..i prefer /winks hahaha

    hlin: thanks!

  14. You could try Ezerra cream – I used that on my kids cos it’s STEROID-FREE. Comes in tubes – Can get it from most pharmacies :)

    Good luck!

  15. eczema isa bitch. my cause of eczema was milk….i used to drink a carton or 2 everyday, once i stopped drinking milk, my skin was ok again. drinks like teh ice or milk + something else, is ok. but not pure…

  16. I’ve had eczema for quite some time now, but thankfully I have an excellent dermatologist (Dr. Ranjit in SS15, whose popularity is astounding) and it’s been under control since.

    Eczema is one of those conditions that are so highly variable, and methods of coping differ so much from person to person, so I think it’s petty to recommend any more lotions/creams/methods to you. I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with it by well-meaning friends and relatives. But if you’re ever looking into more options, Cetaphil is well-known for being a deep moisturizer for sensitive skin. And shea butter is reputed to help, and personally I’ve been using pure shea butter with no complaints, but then again, it’s personal preference.

    Hope your skin stays chill!

  17. I had really bad eczema over year ago — you can read about my story by clicking my name.

    What helped? Dead sea products/mud soap and some natural eczema creams from ZenMed.

  18. ling: thanks, think i’ll check it out :)

    anna: so sorry :( i love everything dairy and can imagine how depressing it is not being able to drink milk

    sydney: you’re right. everyone reacts differently. guess i’ve yet to find out what i respond best to and what’s my allergen.does your doctor prescribe any steroid based treatment for you? reason i havent seen a dermatalogist for so long is because i’m tired of all the steroid based prescription, i want to try to cope with the most natural way possible.

    stop eczema: thanks for sharing.

  19. I have having really bad skin rash now as I write my body feels pain and tingly. This time the rash erupted as blisters on my lips and the face is like a red tomato. Using pet. jelly but not work. I’ll try the cocoa butter product on my lips (thanks WinnieKepala for the suggestion). It’s the healing time that is the difficult part. Like all sufferers I cannot avoid feeling self pity and depressed too. People think that you go see a doctor, get remedy and all is well. Not that simple, huh.

    I normally use Cetaphil during mild attack and Oalitum emolient (not soap) for bad bad rash. Both are expensive products :( Any suggestions for a good moisturizer on the face area after bath ? Hope you feel better soon !! :)

  20. Babe, I know how you feel – especially the part where pain is preferable to the itch. I suffer from eczema too, and it makes life hell especially when you’re going through a bad flare-up. I’m still searching for the right balance of treatments for myself. :)

  21. joyce: i’m so sorry :( totally know how u feel, my skin is leathery now and hurts when i move. yeah, i guess many of us are sick of seeing doctors because it doesnt help much most times. i just bought this lotion called QV Skin Lotion from Guardian, it soothes the itchiness fairly well but need to keep reapplying…unfortunately, not very cheap also. sigh.

    rinnah: good luck with your search! :)

  22. Unfortunately, eczema isn’t one that can be cured. its part of your system so it sucks on days like this. Yeah, I get it once in a while when I’m really stressed even if I avoid my triggers. But mine is mostly on my ankles/back of thighs/elbows so its not too bad. I had it on my face about a year ago and it was actually rather depressing :( thank god for supportive family and non judgmental friends.

    If it helps, my mum used to buy some chinese herbs for me to bathe in and medicine to drink. The herbs soothes the itching for about 2 hours or so. And continuous drinking of the medicine helps to clean the toxic out of the body so it doesn’t flare up so often. Not really sure how much you believe in chinese medicines but mine was so bad last time that I definitely needed to try every measure available. But I found that it did help, slow but noticeable effects.

  23. Omg i think we can talk about eczemas till idk when!! Heheh. I have eczema too since 3 yrs old and now im 21 i still have flareups but its beeen alot better since after i stopped takin steroid pills during sec days. I totally have ni knowledge abiut e dangers of steroids last time and i was so fat gosh! Lol i think my skin has been improving now after using QV products which is vv good! And also applying apple cider ( where u add apple cider and water) directly to e skin and let it dry. Pls pls do it beforeu slp and not head out after thatbecause…. It stinked! Heheh hope it helps! Oh do u have flakey skin on face? Where else do u have it? and ): do u hav scars?

  24. You need to take that allergy test. I took mine at Ampang Puteri. Turns out that i’m allergic to prawn. But i still eat it once in a while, then i will quickly eat Zyrtec. Now, my eczema is under control.

  25. choco: i have no idea what chinese herbs to buy but i have no qualms trying them.

    joanne: yeah, im surprised that so many ppl actually have eczema too! i don’t feel so alone now. i followed ur advice and showered with apple cider vinegar last night, minimal itching so far maybe it really works!! thankfully i dont have scarrings on face and other parts of body but my legs are prone to scarring. i use Bio-oil (when eczema is dormant), it seems to fade scars a lot :)

    jo: thanks for the tip and glad u got your eczema under control!

  26. IndependentQueen: a friend of mine swears by vit c injection for getting beautiful skin so (and she has the skin to prove it!) perhaps it works for eczema too :D but the treatment is rather expensive maybe next time, hehehe

  27. i’m seeing a brinhall practioner who has me on vitamin supplements and he told me no: oatmeal, seafood, dairy, wheat & soy. I’m naturally allergic to: eggs, peanuts, seafood, bananas. U really hate this condition, i cry so much cuz it’s so unfair that there’s no cure for it!

  28. There is a NZ colostrum drink (minimal skim milk content) which is actually very beneficial for eczema sufferers as i have seen amazing results which the doctors also find unbelievable. Worth a try. A 450g can (RM150) can last a month or so.

  29. i think that triggers are different for everyone. my dermatologist chose to treat symptoms only and just shrugged at the cause. never even looked for anything, just said ‘we don’t know what causes it.’ i did not want to put on steroids long term and moisturizing and the ‘usual’ suggstions didn’t help. mine is limited to hands, but spreading to a larger and larger patch. i noticed flareups and couldn’t isolate the cause. at first i thought it was alumimum, because i would get flareups after drinking diet soda. when avoiding cans didn’t help, i thought it might be aspartame, which has a bad reputation. i quit that (and sucralose too), and seemed to have some improvment, but had a very bad, mystery flareup. sometimes, when i am out and don’t have time to eat, i have a tube of peanuts and, based on my recollection of the day of the flareup, thought i might have had peanuts, so i have quit peanuts. also used to have, from time to time, a spoonful of peanut butter for dessert, which could have explained flareups if peanuts are the culprit. i have stopped peanuts and also most tree nuts (but just realized that the almond milk i drink is from a tree nut — duh!), AND AM SEEING GREAT IMPROVEMENT. no flareups for a couple of weeks and significant healing. my conclusion is that there is probably one or two causes of any eczema and finding the cause is the key. i think that an allergist might be able to test for sensitivity but, as i said, my dermatologist was no help. i’d suggest that you take careful notes of everything you ingest — some reactions take days — and search for a pattern to find a culprit, rather than try every individual cure that worked for every individual person. why would you assume that just because something worked for one person it would work for you? it might, but if their ‘cure’ was for a different ailment than you have, i’m not sure why it makes sense to try it. even the person who was allergic to dust mites is a good example — all the dietary changes, supplementation, ointments, etc. in the world wouldn’t have helped them — till they figured out the cause and eliminated it. good luck.

  30. Your skin looks beyond amazing compared to mine. If I had yours I would be sooooo happy. I have severe recalicitrant atopic dermatitis as my dermatologist described it. She doesn’t really help. She’s one of the “best”, but she seems to only want to feed me steriods and shut me the fuck up….It’s annoying and extremely depressing. It’s what she thinks is best and she basically rolls her eyes if I’m the least bit skeptical. In the past two years my skin has gotten horrible. Not just the eczema, the pure quality of my skin and my life. I have bad discoloration, thinning of the skin and terrible scarring.THICK scarring. Not a day goes by that I don’t suffer from pain from doing simple things like washing my hands,showering ( AGONY!), walking, folding clothes ( toture to my raw hands), cleaning, socializing and just living. My skin can’t do without cream. I go one day without it an my face is scally and it feels tight and I look way older than I am in my opinion, thanks to this hell. I’m only 17 and I’ve had it my WHOLE life. I can’t take it anymore. I’m out of options. I’ve done UV light therapy and it make my skin unbearable. I’ve done two months ofCellcept (an immunosuppressant) and my doctor had to up the dosage after the first month and by the second I got horrible chest pains and athma and I was taken off after that….I’ve had probably over 20 types of steriod creams…ummm I’ve had the allergy patch testing ( and the regular allergy testing, I’m allergic to cats, dogs, grass, dust, dust mites and pollen.) and through the patch teating I found I was allergic to PPD the main ingredient in hair dye, that was two years ago. I get allergy contact dermatitis on a daily basis. My skin hates EVERYTHING, including me. Prednisone is my temporary life saver. It works miracles for the two weeks that i’m on it and then it slaps me in the face and sends me into a miserable spiral of pain. I’m not “allowed” to take it this year because my doctor fears I will get osteoperosis. You know, no one understands. UNLESS they live it too…EVERYDAY for years and years. The only time I go without it is when I’m on prednisone and I spend a whole year never being fully cleared up. Not even close. It plagues me. I’m never not broken out. I’m also poor. I can’t afford to help it and I can’t live. I just cope…the best I can and I basically float through life in a haze of self-loathing pain shit. I’m pushed around by people who think they know better and I can’t fight this. It’s….what I am now. It’s killing me.

  31. Seems like everyone has thier own opinions on the subject so I thought I could contribute mine.

    There is a percentage of eczema sufferers that supposedly are susceptable to histamine intolerance. This doens’t mean an allergy so it doesn’t show up on allergy tests unfortunately.

    What is suggested is a histamine-free diet. Google it and you will figure it out. Basically it is avoiding cheeses, cured meats, alcohol and other fermented foods.

    Some people also mentioned a Vitamin C injection. Strangely enough vitamin C, just from food or supplements helps to reduce the histamine in the blood, so maybe that’s why it helps. Something to consider.

  32. Hi! I wasn’t able to find a “contact” page so I decided to write here. I am currently a junior at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and have a class called International Market Research. I was given an assignment to choose a country to promote the use of cotton in and my group has chosen Malaysia. We are focusing on the issue of eczema because 4 out of 10 people suffer from it. Would you mind if I interviewed you with a few questions? I just spotted your blog and read about your issue. You’re the person we’ve been looking for to ask some questions so we get this information first hand. I have a meeting at the Malaysian Embassy in New York next week, with Wan Latiff (the trade commissioner) and I’m looking forward to meeting him.

    I really hope you email me back…I can’t stress how much of a help you would be right now

    Thank you so much,

  33. Hey, wow it’s great tht I stumbled upon yr website. I’ve had eczema since I was a kid. 17 now. And it still sucks cause both my feet are rly scarred frm eczema. I scratch a lot, esp when stressed. I am allergic to seafood, don’t eat them. But what upsets me at times is the fact tht I can’t wear open shoes much. Cause then everyone would stare at the scars, trust me they’re rly bad. It’s just so annoying and does shit to my self esteem when ppl judge. Give awkward stares esp when they don’t dare to ask u abt it. Do u hv to deal with this?

  34. Hi… I am 34 now and I have been suffering from eczema for close to 12 years now. After visiting this blog, I realized that I am not the only one. A small sign of relief inside me knowing that I am not alone.

    I guess the main cause of eczema is our skin allergic reaction to something we eat or is exposed to. The cure is obviously totally avoiding it… But what happens if we are allergic to ‘corn’. Almost all food has corn in it. Even some medications.

    Does vitamin pills really help? I have seen mixed reviews about it…

    I am seeking for some suggestion on supplements… Got Any???

  35. Hi, i am an ezcema sufferer too. Havent tried the manuka honey cream. Ofund it online but it’s sold in a package with other stuff. Is it really good. How do you apply it? On flare up/ itchy spots or as a general emolient? Cna you get them in Malaysia? My hubby going to US in a week’s time. Hope you can reply me earlier so i can make purchase. I am currently using moogoo products ( – claim to be preservatives-free from Aust. I like it and so far no complaints.

    Hope to hear from you.

  36. Hi, i find ur blog quite informative. Im in my forties….never had ezcema n to be honest didnt know that it can be such a pain. Now im like lost coz i dont have a single idea what to do. Im forever itching n itchin n cant resist scratchin…both my legs are scarred terribly…now its my hands and back….i was given aqueous cream but i stopped using it coz my skin was turning black n elomet wasnt helpful as well. I hate using chemicals. What sort of moisturiser is good for ezcema? Im from penang so i just dont know where to buy n what…some blogs say cetaphill is good others say its not n cause skin cancer.I just feel so helpless…..and fed up.

    1. Hi Dana!

      By reading your post, I know that you have a very irritating skin conditions. The way you explained it shows that u might be having eczema or even psoarisis. Or it could just be your skin irritated by the products used or food taken. Try discontinuing a product one at time to find out which one triggers you. Same goes for your food intake. Most eczema sufferers would do their best to moisturise their skin as it helps to soothe the irritation. But most of us forget, that the harsh soap/ shower gel we used during shower dries out & irritates the skin. So the vicious cycle goes round & round. Most product in the market contains SLS, SLES, PARABEN, alcohol, mineral oil, DEA, MEA, TEA, perfume,Benzoyl Peroxide, Dioxin, Polyethlene Glycol, Phthalates, PABA, Tricolsan, BHT & BHA & FCC Color etc which, any one of this could easy be a trigger and some time thinning our upper skin too.

      I am not trying to sell products here, but Easyma Skin Cleanser really works. My mom has really sensitive skin, sister with eczema & hubs with psoarisis. I’ve seen the harsh journey they’ve gone thru. Easyma doesn’t not contain all those harmful ingredients & it works by helping the skin to function at its optimal level. Thru times it will help the skin to restores skin moisture, resuscitates skin structure & elasticity. It contains Elastin & Collagen Stimulant complex which encourage skin to boost its own collagen & has the potential of healing irritated & dry skin. I can’t really say it would work on you, but it does for my family. Even me & my son aged 4yo been using it for 2 years ago. I’d say give it a try! It could work on you too :)

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