The Dark Knight.

I’m such a fanboi. I’ve just met this editor from a publication that I’ve practically worshipped since my late teens and we actually chit chatted like normal people. At least I tried to chat like normal. It was surreal, I was trying so hard not to weird out anyone with my fanboiness but I could barely contain myself. OMG.

Moving on…………

I watched The Dark Knight yesterday, thanks to great peeps from Nokia and of course David. It was awesome.

The Dark Knight courtesy of Nokia.

Christian Bale was awesome as expected (my ultimate hump fantasy followed by hugh jackman). Maggie Gyllanhaal was great as Rachel Dawes cause she could act so much better than Katie Holmes. And Heath Ledger, he completely took over the silver screen. He’s the best Joker ever, scary, creepy, reminds me of my Pennywise paranoia phases, utterly, totally owned it. While Jack Nicholson was brilliant, he wouldn’t come remotely close to the scariness that Heath Ledger evoked as Joker. When the film ended, I felt a hard lump in my throat knowing full well that Ledger would and could not reprise his role ever :(

I went to the screening in my batwoman suit of course. When I made the costume for Wild Live Party I didn’t even realise that I could wear it to TDK’s screening. I wore it with a skirt this time though, cause I looked a bit like a bakchang in the tights.

It’s kind of awkward to walk across Gardens from one end to the other (nice parking, ST!) but I just played along la when people stared. I was trying to do the Keaton pout as well but I don’t think it worked very well.

Bat Girl.
Bat Woman.

Ringo came as Joker and boy she was good!!!! The best costume prize of N95 8gig went to Joe though, who came as Joker. He definitely deserves it. From makeup to props to shoes! I couldn’t take any picture of him and by the time the film ended poor fella had changed into his normal clothes as he was practically baking in the suit. Am sure everyone remembers him as the King Kong from Wild Live Party too :)

Me and Ringo.
Me and Ringo. Yes it’s really her!

Great film and I feel so incredibly l33t that I’m one of the very firstS in the world to have watched it. Heh heh.

21 thoughts on “The Dark Knight.”

  1. one of the very first in the world? Try one of the very SECOND to watch in the world… AHAHAHAHAHAHA. :D :D

    admin: so i missed an S, big deal! go away spelling nazi grr

  2. st: oh….OH :(

    cheesie: yes it’s not you, evonne!

    aeroplane: yes indeed

    bee: lol ya the bf likes the stockings lmao

    eyeris: coz you’re meannnnnnnnnn

  3. Hehehe. You look so cool in your batwoman suit – it becomes you ;) Darn, I am jealous you watched the movie. Soooo jealous. It only opens on 28th July I think, in Oslo. Hey I moved to a new place now, there’s tons of room for guests (read: I have a double bed, an inflatable mattress and a couch that will double as a fold-up bed…the bathroom could house 1 person too!) – you should come visit :) How about next year? Free accommodation, I’ll cook Indian food for you. Deal? :)

  4. ‘Christian Bale was awesome as expected (my ultimate hump fantasy followed by hugh jackman).’

    I hope I’m still up there at 1,834,279th on that hump list. I’d feel sad if I lost ground! :-)

    ‘knowing full well that Ledger would and could not reprise his role ever :(‘

    You never know. They made the last Pink Panther movie without Peter Sellers just using footage and outtakes from other Pink Panther movies.

    Ringo – How many times have I told you to use a mirror before putting make up on?! *sigh* :-)

  5. eleanor: hehe *sayang!*

    joshua: yawor! how can -_-

    fieran: hehe why not. why do u have more space now? are u and s heading for something serious now? heh heh heh

    dabido: well that’d be cool!

  6. i actually thought more people would come as the batman. but good to see more jokers though. tribute to the late and great heath ledger who made the dark knight worth a watch.
    and kimberly.. you rocked! one of the few bats about, and definitely the hottest!

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  8. reta: you always faster one lah!!!

    klubbkidd: i agree with you, it’s a good tribute to ledger :)and thanks for the kindest words!

    honee: pls refer to for any blog sponsorship enquiries.

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