Four pending papers – How we destressed.

Woke up with a huge pimple above my upper lip. Fuck :P

Supposed to have only one class this morning, but had to attend a replacement class after that. By 12pm, we’re famished. Friends and I decided to hit Mid Valley for lunch and movie – Constantine. It’s my second time and I still found it quite gripping. This time, they successfully censored the middle finger bit (which I saw the 1st time), but the scene which Gabriel uttered ‘You’re fucked’ managed to survive the chop.

CP, Me and Song Yia.

Lawrence, Eugene and Nick.

Muffins at Kenny Roger’s. Ok, they were awesome.

My lunch. I finished all the potato salad.

Then I had a a big box of popcorn all to myself cause none of the buggers eat popcorns. Aliens :P

Going to hit the gym. Must. Must. Must. Must.

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