Cheese Massage?

“Volcano Massage” is a pretty common sight. I don’t really know what it is but I figured it must be a metaphorical term for some sort of explosion of…….emotions.

But “Cheese Massage”? What is it!? Is cheese even involved in any part of the process??

# – Would you fancy a cheese massage?

Anybody care to enlighten me?

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12 thoughts on “Cheese Massage?”

  1. I tried Cheesie’s cheese massage that day.

    Basically it goes like this: Urut batin till you arrive, but its not the climax, then the cheese is used as an extra lubricating agent.

    wtf sorrycheese.

  2. Cheese massage as the name says, you lie on the massage bed, they pour melted cheese on you, with toppings of your liking. When the cheese harden, they will peel of the harden cheese which will be sold in the market as pizza toppings with an authentic aroma, with names like Smokie ST, Kim’s Cream or Sleek KY, the choice can be endless (^_^)

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