First post of 2005.

S to the T – says:


sunny^kimberly says:


S to the T – says:

1 out of 3 pics is you eating something

Ushering the new year at G‘s was mighty fun. I did not drink = I did not fall asleep = I was able to observe them merry makers at their funniest. Playing Connect 4 and Scrabbles with pissed but otherwise intelligent people is an effective way to boost your confidence, by the way. Food was…well, refer above. My best new year’s celebration to date.

Good turnout at the party.

Rummaging for the last colonel’s chicken.

How to distract hungry sods from your Nachos – pout.

How to distract hungry sods from your chicken wings – grimace.

Contrary to belief, I wasn’t squeezing anything.

First day of 2005 was spent amongst the clouds at Genting Highland. Weather was not at its best, rides in the outdoor themepark were mostly closed so we were confined within the indoor park. Visited Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum (which was quite interesting; especially Mahathir’s Hologram figure) and a pansy Haunted House. Swear I wasn’t scared, just that screams are contagious (like seriously, ok?) and I wasn’t screaming that much anyway! Journey back home was pretty scary cause the visibility was bad but I trusted the driver cause he’s like knew what’s he doing, cool and collected like that. Then we had the most awesome asam fish and chicken fillets soaked in black pepper sauce for dinner, at which point I bade goodbye to my diet plan.

Foggy carpark.

Orgasmic asam fish.

Yesterday, giving no fuck about my impending obesity, I allowed myself to be lead to the most incredible seafood noodle in SS2. I think the restaurant’s called Segambut Mee or something. Ultimate comfort food and I vow to sample all the flavours offered.

My resolutions for the year 2005:

1. Stop procrastinating

2. Save up moolah

3. Learn to cook by heart (not by book)

4. Lose this pesky 5 kilos for real

5. Keep fit

6. Sleep like a regular person

7. Be patient

8. to be continued…

All in all, I started the new year with a modest but no less impressive blast. I hope it’s a good beginning to better things.

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