January 19, 2005 - Narcissism is Necessary

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This job fuckin’ SUCKS.

I have had my fair share of stinkass jobs and this one fits perfectly in it. I hate it. I fucking hate it. No, it doesn’t get better…it gets worse. And the fucking traffic jam that I have to endure for that fucking meagre salary. I don’t even get a computer. Fucking primitive kiamsiap arse of a company. I heard they wanted to hire temps here instead of Singapore cause it’s much cheaper here. My colleagues are okay, but it’s the phantom singaporeans colleagues who are milking me out. I HATE THIS FUCKING JOB MAN. I SWEAR I WILL NOT EVER GET A FUCKIN JOB IN FUCKIN A CONFINED AREA.

I miss bumming. *sobs*

I’m joining back the gym. Heeheehaahaa. Managed to convince the bankeress to chip in. So yeah, I’m going to get back my taut thighs and shrink my arms (futile attempt)with pilates. Can’t wait to start. Thought trekathon this year was out of the picture, but hey…no, I’m back with a vengence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve gotten a really cute leather bookmark with a painted lion. Okay, so boss from the fuckin job gave it to me as a souvenier (I ain’t getting bought with a bookmark). She just came back from Kenya on some missionary work – caring for Aids stricken children and stuff *gasp* *awe* Now that’s charity, Malaysians.

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