Mindless musings.

Just gotten back from work. Yes, as shocking as it sounds, I do work, sometimes. Anyway, this job was more bearable than the previous stint at Citibank. For one, my lunch was 5-star buffet spread. And there were some good looking chaps to ogle at.

Until Malaysia’s public transportation system goes through a major overhaul, I’d rather sit through hours of traffic jam. At least I have my own music to listen to and only myself to smell.

Don’t you agree with me that any sort of mundane activity is bound to sound interesting as soon as you discover that the parking rate is flat (or free)? It’d be better if the traffic were smooth flowing, but then again, as a KLite, you won’t even want to begin to hope.

I’m allergic to middle-aged women with over-bleached hair, 3 inches make-up, dramatic manicure, who only wear Aigner and talk with a fake accent. Datins could probably pull it off, but you, oh my gawd, to quote a friend, “Keep it real“.

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