Filled to the brim.

Wow, feels freakin’ long since I last wrote. The reason for the short hiatus is that I was just busy. You hear me, I’m a pretty busy girl.

I’m down with a cold, feeling slightly feverish. Not that it’s a bad thing cause I haven’t been sick for the last 3 years and it’s beginning to freak me out. So now I’m quite sure I’m not some mediocre X-men mutant or something. My body feels the fatigue but my spirits are an all time high. I think I might just recover tomorrow cause you know why? Retail therapy tomorrow with Mommy dearest. Talk about placebo effect, hehehe.

Mom and I had some serious girl talk that lasted from midnight til dawn. It was nerve racking but for the better. Suffice to say, I no longer have anything to hide from her and we’re on better terms than ever.

I was watching Channel [V] and Paula’s clothes were sponsored by ‘Nichi Fashion City, Sungai Besi’. Thta’s like cool, but I hope they don’t get big headed and start jacking up their prices!

I went to Rush for the first time. It was fun. For the 1st (barely) hour. DJ stopped spinning and asked everyone to co-operate and leave in an orderly manner. WTF. Never happened with Thai Club. Not even with some city-struck dude murdered on last NYE. Thai Club rocks and oh…she beckons me this Friday. I’m looking forward to showing off some new clothes and accessory.

After the Rush(ing off) incident, headed to friend’s place and had a ball. Was trying to yank out someone’s hair with all four limbs and not to forget playing pop trivia the whole night. I had two bacardis prior so it took like mega effort to answer stuff that went along the line of….

Which mouse stands on two feet? Mickey!
Which duck stand on two feet? Daffy! *BAWL* ALL DUCKS… STUPIAK~

Due to the cold, I decided to pamper myself with new coats of paint for my nails. They’re so beautiful I turn myself on. I’m itching to unleash my talent on others and yes, I’ve found my willing victim. Will service upon request.

I’m super sick of my extensions, and I’m too bloody lazy to drive all the way to Times Square to have them removed. So I did the next best thing. Asked Mom. Yeap, she removed them alright…along with my own hair, with a nail clipper. Mom’s hardcore. I’m just traumatised.

And for all you foodies out there, the burger stall is in SS2 (at some malay food court with blood red signboards).

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