Ordinary but not quite.

26 November, 3 December and 10 December, deadlines to three different paper. Nope, not a word written. Nada. Sometimes I’d be so embarassed with my procrastination that when friends ask me I’d say ‘Yeah, I’ve done a lil..like 600 words’, something to that effect when in fact, I’ve not written a single thing. They say you don’t learn until you get burnt, gawd I hope I don’t get burnt.

Jac told me she met him. What a small world. Frankly, he’s such a waste of good qualities and looks.

Recently, I’ve got around to chatting with someone. My luck, what a gem. You think the world is coming down crashing on you then you realise all the good people are around you. In every cloud, there’s a silver lining? Now I have to say this gem of a person is a gold lining with 1000 thread-count. Hehehe. You know who you are *hugs*

I won’t forget to take EPO ever again. Pain has subsided but not completely gone. It’s quite scary considering my Mom has a history of problems with her womb. Tough being a woman.

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