Early Friday morning post.

Haven’t gone to bed at normal hours for ages – yesterday I slept at 12am, even Simpson The Movie couldn’t keep me awake. Just woke up and I’ll have dimsum for breakfast. It’s all good.

I’ve watched The Aviator. The true stars of the movie are the actresses, who gave me goosebumps with their almost flawless potrayal of Katherine Hepburn, Ava Gardner and Jean Harlow. Especially Cate Blanchett, I honestly believe she’s surpassed Meryl Streep. Couldn’t help but think that Gwen Stefani was born for her role – all those 1920s fashion blunders have finally made sense. Kate Beckinsale was ethereally beautiful, but, perhaps Ava Gardner was a tad normal as compared to her counterparts – which put a limit to Beckinsale’s progress.

I still haven’t watched Phantom of the Opera and I ought to be shot.

About my previous post, I disagree that everything tastes like chicken. Snakes for one, taste like a cross between frog and fish (I mean cobras and pythons). Crocs do taste like chicken though, albeit a tougher version. I suppose the list is quite tame, if there were more to add…what about monitor lizards, balut and monkeys? Even rabbit is glaringly missing.

Work was okay yesterday. We were caught off-guard by the power failure though. People only trickled in about 1.5 hours after designated time (due to the traffic jam I suppose and lack of working elevators). Was relieved that I reached the venue before it happened as I heard that the traffic was horrendous. How many more disappointments does TNB intend to give us? I believe we’re the only country in the world which capital city is still experiencing blackout at least twice a month (now don’t talk about less fortunate countries – you don’t compare with the lesser). Even our precious white elephant wasn’t spared. Lets not even begin to talk about water (remember my lack of shower recently?).

Apology is not what we want, TNB is not our fuckin’ friend. Why aren’t we compensated for the inconvenience? Afterall, we do pay our bills even when subjected to unnecessary price hike.

Okay got to run for breakfast. Laters, peeps.

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