Kim’s a dumphuck.

People, exercise is good for you. It gives you multiple orgasms, taut thighs and most importantly, painless period. Oh my gawd how I curse the day I quit gym.

Rolling in bed for a couple of hours clutching my abdomen and half a dozen of panadols later, my womb is still throbbing. The EPOs aren’t working. Please take away this pain. I promise to hulahoop for an hour a day if you take this pain away.

I wish I did not have any fear of putting stuff into my body. My girlfriends are raving about the divinity of tampons but I could never bring myself to use it. I have a whole damn box, probably breeding molds as I’m typing. I’m such a dumbphuck.

I’m still wearing glasses because I’m scared of putting on contact lenses. How stupid is that? I won’t be afraid of getting my eyes lasered yet I fear contacts. Isn’t that the most absurd thing you’ve ever heard?

I’m a dumbphuck with period pain. Perfect.

I want ice cream. I want a hug.

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