Supremely easy no-bake chocolate cornflake cups recipe for Mother’s Day.

This is perfect for Mother’s Day because anyone can make this. I’m serious…..whether you’re a man, woman, young or old, a pro or completely inept in cooking, YOU CAN STILL MAKE THIS.

# – No-bake chocolate cornflake cups for Mother’s Day :)

It is delicious, crunchy and superbly chocolatey. And believe it or not, all can be done within 1/2 hour! The recipe serves 18, so there will be plenty to go around but make sure Mom gets the largest share!

The ingredients:

  • 50gm butter
  • 100 gm of dark chocolate (60% cocoa and above)
  • 50 gm caster sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of golden syrup
  • 100 gm cornflakes

# – First of all, dump dark chocolates, butter and sugar into a bowl suspended over a pot of boiling water. It’s okay if the the bottom of the bowl touches the water. Stir till everything’s melted.

Of course, you can melt them up in a bowl in the microwave at High for 2 minutes ;)

# – Then dump in a tablespoon of golden syrup. Stir till combined…

# – Then throw in the cornflakes. Turn off the heat.

# – With a metal spoon, mix till cornflakes are well coated with chocolate sauce. Do this as fast as you can so the corn flakes won’t be soggy.

# – Lay out 18 cupcake liners and put a tablespoon of cornflake mixture into each cup.

# – Stick it in the fridge for 1/2 hour.

# – 30 minutes later….voila! No-bake chocolate cornflake cups, DONE!

# – They are so, so, so delicious! Crunchy and chocolatey, the perfect combo!

As the recipe uses dark chocolate, it’s not too sweet, so I believe even the most stoic Moms with no sweet tooth will succumb! By the way, store them in the fridge. They won’t melt but they will go soft in high humidity.

So, have you planned anything for your Mom? Besides this chocolatey snack, I’ve got something else up my sleeve too. Will blog about it next week :D

I’m so excited!!!!

Have a Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all Mothers! <3

How to get fat and farty.

Can’t pick yourself up after a bad day? Eat this. Feeling fat and farty already? Even more reason to eat this. I call this dish “Fatty & Gassy TM”.

I got this recipe from John and while I think I’ve deviated a bit from his original idea, I think the dish turned up pretty good.

First up, you need the following ingredients to whip up this dish:

#1 – Rice enough for two people.

#2 – Baked beans. We prefer Heinz.

#3 – And the star of the dish – SPAM! Once this goes into your inbox, cannot delete one. Sorry, lame.

#4 – Olive oil because it’s healthier although there’s really no point for this dish.

Cook the rice however you like as long as the end result is white, fluffy rice. While the rice is cooking, start on the other ingredients.

#5 – Pop out the Spam.

#6 – Cut it into cubes and separate into two portions.

#7 – Now pop the beans into a pot. On medium heat till it kinda simmers, you definitely do not want to burn it.

#8 – Pop one portion of Spam into the baked beans and mix it up.

#9 – You’ll get this disgusting baked beans and Spam concoction which smells kinda heavenly if you’re into that sort of thing.

Time to deal with the other portion of Spam. Now, pick one cube up and pop it into your mouth. Chew. Swallow. Repeat.

Just kidding!

#10 – Heat up some olive oil in a pan.

#11 – Dump the remaining Spam into the oil. Brown the Spam cubes on all sides.

#12 – Till they become like this. Like croutons, only instead of bread they’re made up of lard and pork meat.

#13 – Remove Spam cubes from pan and drain oil.

And you’re almost done!

Scoop a bowl of rice, dump it onto the plate. Then pour baked beans + Spam mixture over the rice. Lastly, sprinkle Spam croutons all over. Just like this:

#14 – Tadaa!

#15 – A closeup of Fatty & Gassy TM. YUMMY!

Till later, poot poot.