My husband cooks

Husband has been cheering me up with homecooked meals :)

Came home to the house smelling delicious and hubs being all mysterious about his cooking.

# – He won’t tell me what it is.


Was completely surprised by the outcome….coconut chicken wings and creamy chorizo pasta.

# – So delicious!!!


The pasta was cooked perfectly, so creamy and flavourful. The chicken wings were tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.

So satisfied! Thank you hubs. <3

Start of a good week

Husband said I can do whatever I want and eat whatever I want for a week…starting today hehe.

The first thing I wanted to eat was deep fried intestines so we went to Yap Hup Kee in KL.

# – Yap Hup Kee.


# – Deep fried intestines. Nyamnyamnyamnyam


After lunch I tried my luck and asked for karaoke and hubby said yes. Woohoooooo

So we went to Redbox at The Curve and sang for 3 hours.

It’s like the hubs knew what I was thinking, he took me to Senjyu for dinner!

# – All the good shiz.


Had foie grass sushi for the first time..omg!!!!!!!!!!

And just now I just asked hubs if he could clean the house and cooked for me and he said yes. Teehee!

I love my husband!!

The hand

I had just gotten back from Bangkok – 5 days away from the hubby.

So when we were in bed, I was particularly tender and loving; cradling his arm while I was slowly dozing off.

Then he held my hand and funnily, I thought his hand felt unusually smaller than usual. So, I asked him what’s up with his hand.

He was like, what?

“Didn’t you just hold me? I’m asking about your hand”.


“You didn’t hold my hand?”, I asked again.

“No. Go to sleep”.

At this point I swear I was on the verge of tears. I was like, don’t fuck with me!!

“I swear a hand held my hand!!!”

There was silence.

Longest fucking silence in my life.

Then he laughed.

My scumbag husband laughed.