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Mentaiko and rice…finally!

Truth is, things have been rather rough for me at the health front. No point in dwelling so I will move to things that make me happy.


I love mentaiko – whether in onigiri, pasta or temaki. The saltiness and pepperiness of the pollock roe – sublime!

Thing is though, I could never find a place where they serve just mentaiko and rice – the closest I could get to is onigiri mentaiko, which often is more like a teaspoon of mentaiko served with a fistful of rice. So unsatisfying!

My predicament has been resolved recently though. A couple of weeks ago we went to our regular Japanese restaurant, Niji Sushi, for dinner and I noticed that they have started serving mentaiko temaki. Of course I ordered the temaki, it was nice but as expected it’s mentaiko that had been mixed with some mayo and seasonings.

I told G that I wish that restaurants would just serve big slabs of mentaiko with rice instead of mixing it with mayonaise lah, cheese lah etc. G told me I should just asked the restaurant’s boss about it.

And so I did. He reacted with so much enthusiasm! He told me he has mentaiko everyday, just that he doesn’t display it in his menu because the menu is already quite big. He told me he could definitely whip it up for me on our next visit.

So we went back today and the boss upon sitting us down asked if I would like my mentaiko and rice. I was so happy he remembered. He said it’s going to be lightly grilled and I just nodded happily.

Mentaiko and rice /angels sing

It was as delicious as I imagined it to be. I even had a second helping of rice!

I’m guessing you’re thinking this is such a trivial post but I had so little appetite in the past weeks that this had been easily the tastiest, most appetising meal I’ve had for so long! I feel so grateful!

Rice mixed with salty, peppery pollock roes. Best!

Well, if you ever decided to eat at Niji Sushi, do give this meal a try!

4 Responses to Mentaiko and rice…finally!

  1. jolene March 11, 2014 at 2:28 am #

    tried niji sushi’s takeaway sushi once but I don’t like the rice.

    • Kimberlycun March 11, 2014 at 3:36 am #

      Sorry to hear. I enjoy their food much more than the nearby rakuzen (consistently unfresh, horrendous service and overpriced) when I don’t feel like going too far from home for good Japanese food. They had a down period though,…2 or 3 years ago? but the boss is making a lot of good improvements.

  2. Ah Fa March 11, 2014 at 9:50 am #

    u know, i’ve NEVER had mentaiko before. :P

  3. sgrmse. June 17, 2014 at 2:49 pm #

    I. FRIGGIN. LOVE. MENTAIIIIII. i told my boy friend that when we get married, mentaiko will be a full-on staple in the house. lol!

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