The show.

11 July 2014. 29 weeks 4 days. Getting there…about 10 drama-free weeks to go. How hard can it be?

A little hard according to my scumbag vagina/cervix. After 2 episodes of spottings in the past 7 months, I reckoned the worst was over but last night when I wiped after peeing, something that looked suspiciously like a pregnancy mucus plug landed on the tissue.

(Mucus plug keeps bacteria from entering the womb, and normally dislodges nearer to the labour date.)

You win lah, vagina.

Good timing though cause coincidentally it’s my routine checkup at the hospital the morning after, so we opted not to go to ER.

Anyway, next morning, doc took a look at the photo of the alleged mucus plug and promptly gave me a thorough examination.

Baby looked fine on the ultrasound, no dilation, but my cervix was a bit softer (a sign of body preparing for labour) than she liked. So she sent me for something called CTG (I think?), to monitor baby’s heartrate and my contractions.

That graph came out fairly normal too but because of the “mucus plug incident” she liked to err on the side of cautious and has banned me from all kinds of streneous activities including my daily walks. In essence, am kind of on bed rest.

Since I live near the hospital, doc said there’s no need for drugs to keep baby in until I have real reasons for, ie: labour contractions or water break, which am thankful for. She did prescribe two steroid jabs though for me, for strengthening of baby’s lungs just in case he decides to come out earlier.

The jab was not incapacitatingly painful but wasn’t pleasant either. Right after a jab on one buttcheek, that whole leg throbbed for about 1/2 hour. Am supposed to get a 2nd jab tonight around midnight.

At times like this I can’t stress enough the importance of having a good, informed doctor that you are comfortable with. When choosing a doctor, use word of mouth as reference but make sure meet the doctor and trust your instincts.

Read up so you will be able to ask the right questions and gauge your doctor’s knowledge – whether he or she has kept up with the latest updates in obstetrics or is just coasting along on a comfortable career.

Anyway, we think I am in good hands and we are staying positive and optimistic. Best thing now is hubs won’t nag me about walking or cooking or cleaning hahaha.

20 thoughts on “The show.”

  1. Hearing the CTG accelerate and decelerate during labour is the most scary thing i’ve ever experienced.

  2. Kimberly, praying you and the baby will do well. No two pregnancies are alike.

    You are doing all the right steps to care for your health and that of your babies!

  3. Good vibes sent your way!

    When I was in labour, the doctor hooked me up to the CTG because baby’s heart beat was irregular. Then 10 hours later, it disappeared! I went into emergency C-section in 10minutes and 20minutes later I was holding baby…turns out she wound her cord around her neck. Scary shit.

  4. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a pregnancy mucus plug until today! :)

    Learn something new everyday. It sounds really essential from the way you describe it though – something to keep as a barrier between the womb and the outside world.

    Hey, all the best Kim, 10 weeks is going to pass in a blink, hope to see you posting about your bouncy baby soon! Cheers!

  5. Hang in there! I had my No 2 at 32 weeks – it was too late to get jabs and all coz he was insistent on coming out, etc. Get plenty of bed rest and talk to the little bubs about being a goodie and staying in for as long as possible, ya? *big hugs*

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