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i cut it

Finally! After a loooong procrastination, I bit the bullet and cut it all off!!!

# – Chopped locks.

Honestly, I do prefer longer hair but I was shedding like crazy and basically, I just got really tired of worrying about waking up with a bald patch.

My hair better stop falling now because I’d be really pissed off if I had chopped all that off for nothing :P

That said, this is a nice change and I guess it means I’ve grown up a little since I have absolutely no qualms about looking like a pre-pubescent eleven year old. Boy. With bowl hair. Teeheehee.

# – I am steaming hot.

My bf’s compliment? “Gulp. Nice colour”.


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8 reasons Jipaban rocks my aquamarine socks.

Aquamarine? Huh?

# – If I were a smurf, I’d be in this shade of blue.

It’s just a colour phase I’m going through. Sorry.

To make up for my randomness, I’m going to tell you a secret.

The secret is: I am a helpless online shopping addict. If you sell it online, chances are, I’ve probably bought it.


1. I can shop in the comfort of my own home.

I love browsing (okay and shopping too) in the comfort of my own home. It is rewarding especially after I’ve spent an entire day doing chores. When I do buy something off the Internet, it feels like I really deserve it because instead of being outside trawling the shopping complexes and wasting time, I’ve spent my time on doing productive things.

2. I save money.

No parking ticket. No burning of fuel. No medicine fees for feet blisters. No chiropractor fees to fix a sore back. Hello? Need I say more?

3. More choices.

You can find almost anything online. This is one thing I love about shopping over the Internet. You can’t possibly get that variety of choices from a brick and mortar shop. It can be a tad overwhelming presented with such a wide variety of things but that’s now a thing of the past with point number 4….

4. More choices in an organised manner.

With the emergence of Jipaban in Malaysia, shopping online has become much, much, much easier. I don’t have to bookmark every single shopping site anymore and best of all, I can add my favourite stores onto perfectly customisable “floors”. Basically, I can shop from one single website which offers products from over 100 retailers!

# – Add and name the “floors” to whatever I like.

There’s an easy to use search function where you can look for a specific shop or product easily!

# – Add my favourites shops and move them around different “floors” by simply drag & drop.

5. Accessing my favourite shops from one platform.

Gone are the days where I have to bookmark every single online shop I come across. Now, I just go to my own customised shopping mall and click on my favourite stores to shop!

# – My favourite shops on a floor I’ve named “Favourites” :D – Gin & Jacqie and Walk-in Closet.

Nothing makes me more happy than to shop from homegrown businesses like Gin & Jacqie and Walk-in Closet. Gin & Jacqie sells lovely bags and organisers which combines gorgeousness & practicality while Walk-in Closet sells these lovely chiffon-ish dresses & tops that I absolutely adore!

# – OMG look at this passport holder & luggage tag from Gin & Jacqie. I’m obssessed with this exact shade of colour…I’ve made curtains with this colour and I plan to reupholster my chair in the same shade too. I’m buying this passport holder and luggage tag. I can’t stop talking.

# – This top from Walk-in Closet is perfect for Chinese New Year! It’s almost in the blue that I love and it’s got space for a lot of CNY noms, hehehe. Love the lacy hem details and the square buttons!

Alright, sorry I got distracted……lets move on to reason number six!

6. Simple payment system that puts my mind to ease.

This has definitely become my favourite part of online shopping thanks to Jipaban! Normally, different shops have different payment methods and it’s quite hard to keep track on what you’ve spent on with so many payment accounts involved!

While payments will be transfered individually to each shop when you check out, the Jipaban system still makes paying for your goodies amazingly simple and user-friendly. On top of that, if you made payment with Paypal, you can even check out and pay for everything at one go!

# – You pay by internet banking, credit card or Paypal. You can also view the prices in your preferred currency!

7. Always get to enjoy promotions at the click of a mouse.

Jipaban always have a lot of promotions for its shoppers especially nearing festive periods. You can always find out more information about promotion and new stores at their blog. For instance, this coming Chinese New Year, shoppers will get to receive a hardcopy booklet with a list of all Jipaban‘s retailers that offers promotions and their featured products.

You are guaranteed to be floored by the sheer awesomeness of the deals and shopping options! This is a whole new level of online shopping, I’m telling you! For those who want to check out the booklet immediately though you can download it from here.

8. I get to give you specially designed angpow packets on behalf of Jipaban.

Reason number 8 is very auspicious right? :D So what are you planning to buy from Jipaban with your CNY dosh and why?? Tell me in the comment section and 3 commentors will be randomly chosen to receive specially customised Ang Pow packets from Jipaban each!

(might exercise favouritism if anything related to aquamarine is mentioned :P)

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