Pre-CNY reunion dinner at Fitou with #porkgang

Since everyone has somewhere to go during Chinese New Year, #porkgang decided to get together with all the furkids to celebrate pre-CNY at Fitou, Desa Park City. Eric booked the table under “porkgang” and according to Kerol, that was exactly what was written on the placard on the table. Haha. There were 13 of us not including 5 bitches and 1 dawg.

Food was awesomesauce, especially for the price. The salads were particularly outstanding.

Country Farmer salad. Prawns, thick bacon and fresh crisp lettuce. Nais!

Pork burger. Big, juicy & delicious!

Paella for 2. Very moist & flavourful. Thumbs up!

Some kinda pork in black pepper based sauce. Pretty good if you like the spicy.

Carbonara. Rich and creamy in the tastiest way ever. Awesomesauce!!!

Introducing the bitches and the stud….

CheddieSluttyBitch. As you can see, living up to her namesake.

KoyukiGanasBitch. Should change name dy. KoyukiMensaBitch or something. Fucking smart, cannot believe.

EmoQQ. Possibly the soon-to-be latest addition to my family :) She looks a splitting image of #EmoCharlie <3 <3

Last but not least, the handsome EmoCharlie. Which is him? The one that looks exactly like daddy, of course.

And now…the secondary characters at dinner.

Ah Horng & Selina.

Haze and the ex joined us a while later and I didn’t get to take any picture of her. I love Haze very much and you shall find out why in coming posts. In the meantime, check out her blog for awesomesauce makeup & fashion tutorials. And if you want to revamp your blog, look no further cause Haze is your woman.

Here’s a photo lifted from Haze’s blog.

Damn hot right? Well, truth is she doesn’t look like that without makeup, so what I’m saying is her makeup skills are damn l33t. Hahahaha jangan bunuh aku!!!

Yours truly and ST.

After dinner, we walked the dogs at the park. All the pups running alongside and chasing each other. So HAPPY!!

And the last picture to complete this entry…

Furong jiejie and Charlie.

Happy Chinese New Year peeps!

Fitou Brasserie
Lot GF2, The Waterfront @ Park City,
5 Persiaran Residen,
Desa Park City,
52200 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-6280 8978


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8 thoughts on “Pre-CNY reunion dinner at Fitou with #porkgang”

  1. LOL at the last pic… Furong jie jie pose… kakakaka!!!

    Well, it was a great night but too bad need to work on next day that I can’t stay until too late.. >.<

    I <3 #porkgang

  2. This is a f**king restaurant… the waiters are not friendly, not polite, rude… here’s why…

    A happy outing turned furious…!
    Yesterday was out with a grp of friends yumcha in Fitou Brasserie (in Desa Park City, the first restaurant, it has a giant screen to watch world cup)…
    We ordered a drink each n enjoyed watching Uruguay vs South Korea… After finishing our drinks, the waiter quickly cleaned our table, we thought it was a GD SERVICE…
    Then the bill came, I ask the waiter,”We didn’t ask 4 bill,” the waiter replied,”The rule is like that, u nd to pay.” Then we didn’t care much, we just pay him n continue the exciting world cup match…
    After a while, the most f**king experience in my life happens… An indian waiter asked us to leave bcoz we don’t hv drinks on our table anymore, (as mentioned, the glasses hv been cleaned), we told them we alr ordered n finished drinks n we just 1 2 sit down n watch world cup, he called another indian guy come with very arrogant voice(like wan to fight), he forced us to leave unless we order new drinks… What a nonsense!!!!
    That time i just wanna give him a heavy punch n dig his eyes out… but my friends ask me to leave, don’t spoil our party mood… So we angrily moved to our next station to continue the match…
    Dear friends, let’s boycott this stupid f**king restaurant… They r just $$-minded ppl, not friendly at all, they don’t deserve our $$$! I hope to see them bankrupt soon!!! Pls support me!

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