Dress according to your body with a gunny sack.

Ok disclaimer first. Seriously I’m no fashionista. But I like to think that I dress pretty okay for my size and shape (whenever I MAKE the EFFORT that is). I’m a UK 8 at best of times. If I could, I’d just throw on a worn out tee/bf’s football shorts combo and head out. I mean, sometimes I dress like this:

Sorry for offending your eyes.

I don’t have the perfect body, I think I have too little ass, too little tits and a bit too much chubs on the arms. I’m guessing about 80% of women are suffering from the same fate. Too much ass with too lil boobs, too skinny arms with snooker table legs, you name it, we’ve got it. So I’m not trying to appeal to everybody here cause it’s impossible but why are there girls wearing lacy leggings when their thighs are in danger of popping the seams open or wearing dresses that make them look short and waist-less? How about boots that cut off your legs when you’re already given so little length from birth.

As my mom has drilled into me since I started to dress myself, that always buy something just slightly loose. Because it’s aesthetically better for people to guess your shape then to see every single layer of muffin top, visible panty line (VPL) and back cleavage. Just because something looks good on a person with an entirely different body than you does not mean it will look good on you too. If I had to choose, I’d rather be classic & pretty than say, trendy & tragic :P

Anyhow…lets start with a gunny sack top that can double as a dress. I got this for chinese new year because it’s comfortable, it’s capable of hiding my bak kua filled belly and I can wear it over and over again with different accessories.

Gunny sack

I bought it for the unique seam at the front. With this feature, it looks like a well-thought out design other than just something someone stitch together from leftover fabric :)

But it’s a little too simple isn’t it? So I throw on a long vest just to make it a little less boring. I don’t recommend putting on too much accessories when you’re layering because I feel that it’d end up looking trying too hard. That said, it’s all down to personal preferences.

With a long vest.

I like long vest because it doesn’t tell people that I don’t have an arse. People would just assume that I do :) Of course, the fluidity of the vest also channels out a lot of feminity.

You can also play with it like a cape.

And lastly, when I feel a little diva-ish, a getup like this might still be a little too bland to me. So I’d just throw on the bling-est belt I could find. In this case, the bf would definitely appreciate this rather because it gives me a waist more than anything.

A whole new outfit just with the addition of a belt.

The possibilities are endless. Think skinny jeans, even leggings if you’ve got the pins, high-waisted shorts or a pair of sunglasses to give the gunny sack top/dress an extra oomph. Just becareful not to wear all trends together at the same time, a fatal mistake I see some young girls are doing.

Gunny sack top: ChicPop
Long vest: Nichii
Belt: 1 Utama (can’t remember the name)

14 thoughts on “Dress according to your body with a gunny sack.”

  1. A for effort! although it kinda looks like you were kidnapped by a pimp, taken to MeLoveYouLongTime Motel on petaling street, locked in the dodgy bathroom and took pictures of yourself to pass the time.

  2. ky: wah a compliment for you!? i need to throw a celebratory party!

    myhorng: hahha ok maybe!

    foodcrazee: easy to handle lah…

    jan: yeah might not look so nice on the rack but have a lot of potential :)

    st: u too :D

    suanie: thanks :D

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