am an embarassment to my mother.

here are some videos taken by horng at FA‘s 21st birthday party at eyeris‘ condo.

these videos make me want to stop drinking alcohol because i am so fucking loud & annoying. been ages since i got drunk like that, most of the time i just quietly fall asleep.

in here i speak atrocious mandarin…

although i kinda pwn at jenga :P

here recounting what might be the stuff that i’ve consumed that were keeping me awake.

and the aftermath….




i’m sorry, mommy.

10 thoughts on “am an embarassment to my mother.”

  1. ..did you hang the plastic bag 2 ur ears?
    guess better than my friends’ case lahhh LoL

    he laid on the long sofa while totally K.O. but suddenly d VOLCANO erupted – he puked his vomit into d air and it falls back onto his FACE!!! and save and sound like a baby~~ coOL kakaka … it was 13yrs back then NO camera phone like now…

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