lipstick gossip

ah hah! time for a new post. i am damn semangat these days!

today right after work i heroically braved the massive downpour to go to KL for Lipstick Gossip, a party hosted by stage cosmetics at bar+kitchen (henceforth shall be known as 21). but before i talk about my time at the party, let me just recall a lil parking drama that jayna and i had right outside 21…

so we were desperately looking for parking because there wasn’t any jockey available and it was drizzling, but as luck would have it i found one lil spot for my kelisa right in front of 21. lucky me!

jayna was also lucky because a beemer happened to be coming out of a parking spot, so i exited my car, stood on the pavement and waited for jayna to park her car. as i was watching her, very suddenly, instead of reversing, she accidentally accelerated. her car plunged forward, almost hitting the car in front of her. missed by 1/2 an inch.

i told her to reverse but she must have been a lil spooked…afraid that the car might have moved forward a little bit more if she engaged R so i took over the wheels. seen as though i work in a car company and i’m really good with cars and all that…..NOT :P

as i predicted, the car reversed smoothly without hitting the car in front and as i was beaming from my achievement, BANG!

i hit a car behind, which i swear i hadn’t noticed before :P

jayna and i were freaking out bad…we were thinking, eh should we park elsewhere or should we park here how how how how how? we ended up deciding to park there anyway, if the owner come out we will settle it like honourable people we are. after parking, we checked the damage and thankfully, jayna’s car was completely untouched. and the other car looked fine also. till i noticed shards of glasses on the road that is.

opss. i broke a signal light it seemed.

but it was drizzling so we just went and join the party lor…

#1 – bustling

#2 – me and looloo

#3 – jayna and looloo

we were hungry and didn’t have the patience to wait for the canapes so we ordered!

#4 – honey wings and calamari

#5 – jayna getting her tarot cards read

#6 – with jo and bee

#7 – and me getting my tarot cards read

cocktails were delicious and there were stations for palm reading, tarot card reading, hair makeover, mani/pedi and makeup. fun concept but we had to wait so freakin’ long for each station. in the end, jayna, looloo and i only managed to get our tarot cards read. by the time we’ve finished with that the other stations were already closed :( oh well next time!

overall i had a fun time catching up with the ladies and we ended the night tucking on greasy mamak food…

#8 – mee rojak! fatzzzz but you only live once :P

thanks stage cosmetics for hosting us :)

p/s: sorry dark coloured car with a broken signal light. we totally forgot about you after leaving the party :P sorry!!!!!!