Post-CNY filler post.

I’m hardly in the mood to be nice to people. Pissed at having to decline an all expense paid trip to Singapore for a phone launch because it’s on a workday (love my job too much to fake an MC). Tired of explaining to people working at petrol stations why I’m not driving a Subaru whenever I’m wearing my uniform. Need to change my car, pronto (of course I wish I could afford a Subaru…not yet anyway. One needs to sit in a really fast WRX STI at least once in their life to know what I’m talking about. No, make that twice.) Well about the car, thinking of something bigger, scarier and can crush helmets. Something big, black and shiny. Not because of the petrol station people, I just need something more comfortable than the crap I’m driving now and Nicklaus is getting his driving license soon. Yeah…being younger = hand me down ;)

My face is slowly healing from the pimples I got over the CNY holidays (read: too much bakkua). I literally had a Subaru logo on the left side of my face. Talk about job pride written all over my face. Ok, you do know what I mean right? 6 stars? C’mon, laugh with me now.


LooLoo’s office is very near mine. So we had lunch at Jaya33, some place called Italian Kitchen I think. Not bad. Nice ambient…good for catching up. I love going out with LooLoo cause I won’t feel much like a giant, we’re about the same height and people always think we’re sisters.

Guess if this is me or Looloo?

Sorry I’ve been such a bad blogger. I’m trying to blog more regularly. Looking forward to weekend trip to Cameron with the gang. I think I’m bringing Charlie, yay! Maybe whip out the camera for some shots too, it’s been ages.

I hate quarter life crisis. It makes me such an insecure whinging banshee. I’m pretty sure if I were 5 kilos lighter I wouldn’t be so freaking whiney. But thank goodness, I only whine to Charlie these days. Why? Cause when I talk to people I just get angry. You know, poorly thought out opinions, can’t keep they trap shut after, basically retarded suggestions…the likes. I just rather not say anything. Charlie, I’m glad you can’t speak human. Mommy love you!

Charlie got hulk rage like mommy when she got stuck in traffic for 2 hours.

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