Everyone, meet Charlie :)

Yes, I’ve got a new pet and his name is Charlie. I was at a pet store this afternoon to look for some new goodies for Sisi but Charlie, who was only “the cocker spaniel” couple of hours ago totally captured my heart. I just had to get him and I did, within 5 minutes :)

Charlie lazing on the couch.

He’s only 3 months old, boisterous and very affectionate. Scared the crap out of Sisi, but I’m hoping they will become firm friends soon.

Just got him back to our place so he has to get used to a new surrounding all over again. I bought him a leash with skulls all over it, cause our Charlie keeps it real like that, just like his mommy and daddy.

Paul Frank leash.

Say hi to Charlie, our son :D :D :D :D

Charlie and me
Charlie and me.

31 thoughts on “Everyone, meet Charlie :)”

  1. OMG… Charlie is such a cutie pie.. but babe be very aware of his ears as they tend to get infected easily… just like my old sausage dog (Ricky)! It’s gonna be very painful for the dog n urself cos of the cleaning process you need to do if it happens… I cried when i was cleaning Ricky’s!
    damn now i miss them so much!

  2. karen: yeah his ears can touch his snout!

    rinnah: me too. sisi is so terrified of him now it’s a bit pitiful to watch.

    lainie: yeah hehe

    reta: don’t lahhhhh haha

    jen: thanks!!!

    kura2: aww i’ll take note. thanks for the tip babe. i do clean his ears everyday so hopefully that will prevent any infection.

    simon: congratulations! :D

    horny: he’s still not used to surrounding so a bit sad i think and more sleepy. he’s much more active this morning though.

    ky: and proud of it! hum!

  3. WAHLAU! buying purebred dogs would set u back from anyway between 1k to 3k leh. Where u getting the money from lah! *envy*

  4. skyler: wah u think i puppy mill kah hahaha

    sharon: get one!!!! i was not a dog lover too and i thought i’d stay that way.

    fa: work so hard of course must spend on things u love!

    bee: sure do!!! dog ladies unite hehe

    pb: can’t wait to show you girls!

    fer: hehehe thanks!

  5. I had two mutts before, I had a hard time toilet training them so i gave them away. Pups are so hard to manage! Huge responsibility.

  6. pauline: that’s so true :D

    zoe: yeah must have a lot of patience. charlie is doing well at the toilet department but his poop is way bigger and messier than sisi’s which is quite a pain to clean -_-

    aeroplane: my mom is excited by the prospect but im not too sure hehe

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