Wyndham Estate Wine Tasting @ Chinoz on the Park

This is a long overdue post. Been delaying posting it probably because something happened immediately after the wine tasting that I was trying to systematically erase from my consciousness. Something that involved the words “projectile”, “designer bag”, “smelly” and “dry clean”. Oh well, if you can figure it out yourselves, geniuses.

Anyway, I had a pretty nice time during the wine tasting, courtesy of Wyndham Estate. It felt a little stuffy for sure, mostly because I had no idea what the wine connoisseurs were babbling about. My wine knowledge is as far as Floyd on the Food Channel goes (read: if it tastes good, drink up). I supposedly knew how to read wine labels exactly 3 years ago too, but that knowledge too was systematically erased from my memory due to situations involving the words “jumped” and “bond”.

Wyndham wines
Selection of wines from Wyndham Estate.

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