Phew! Seems like an eternity since I last blogged. Just got back from Singapore, had a fantastic time. Going down to Johor tomorrow for 3 days. Will be driving down alone, it’s gonna be an adventure. Mom if you’re reading this, pls.don’t.freak.out.

Here are some pictures from Singapore. Besides work, there was a lot of fun involved too. I played bowling for the first time in years. I guess I didn’t do too bad.

Bowling shoes.
Me and my funny bowling shoes.

No pictures of me bowling cause everyone else was busy bowling too. Abothen?

I also went go-karting for the 1st time! I loveeeeeeeeee it. This goes out to my friends, who’s up for a session of go-karting? I is gonna pwn j00 a55.

Posing with my helmet. The loaned helmet wasn’t smelly…thank goodness.

Finally had my craving for kueh chap satisfied after 2 years!!!! We ate at Newton Circus Hawker Centre, which was pretty good. I take back all my criticism of Singaporean food, I was merely too busy and depressed to seek out good food last time :P

Kueh chap
Kueh Chap @ Newton Circus Hawker Centre.

Oyster omelette was fantastic too.

Space for disabled patrons.
The thing that caught my eye was how wheelchair friendly the hawker centre is. Notice I was sitting on a bench while my friend was seated on a stool in the space meant for the physically disabled. Malaysia should emulate little things like this, don’t even cost money!

Pork scratchings
This is unrelated to Singapore, but I came back to a bag of these. Sinful, artery clogging pork scratchings…ahh :)

Gonna go pack now. Toodles.