What I got on Xmas 2008.

Here’s a list of what I got this year for Xmas. My first Xmas present this year is from Bee. Coffee spa! I need to find a long weekend to use this. Thanks gorgeous! :)

Coffee spa.
Coffee spa kit.

Then I found a present all the way from the US of A. My Adbrite cheque :)

Wish USD were much stronger though. Sigh.

At my company’s Xmas dinner, I got a vibrating massager in the shape of a hand during the gift exchange.

Hand massager.
It vibrates :)

Also got a beauty travel kit from my Boss.

Body Shop travelling kit.
For feeling beautiful.

At KY’s annual Xmas Eve Party, I got a scarf during the hilarious gift exchange. Last year I got a toilet cover, but Douglas Spongefox took it from me. Unfortunately, Douglas was unable to make it due to the injury on his leg. Fox, you were missed!! <3 <3 #5 Scarf
Picture from Horny.

Came back from KY‘s party at 5am. Wanted so much to rip open my presents from Babber but he insisted we do it after we wake up. Ok so we went to bed and then popped up at about 2pm to open my presents!

Electric toothbrush.
My old one was about to die so he got me a new more canggih one. I <3!!! Next present is a sweet Logitech laser mouse. I'm using my regular Logitech at the office now so it's such a pain to use the touchpad at home. Did buy a cheapass one from Tesco but the ah beng blue and fuchsia LED was giving me a massive headache. Thanks for being so thoughtful Babber!

Logitech laser mouse.
Precision mousing FTW!

Last present is a book. Since starting my new job, I had wanted to learn how to quantify all my crazy marketing ideas but to no avail….so Babber got me the holy grail of marketing. It’s so comprehensive I feel like I can take over the world just from reading its table of content.

Marketing book.
Marketing Calculator, literally.

And that concludes the list of Xmas gifts that I got this year. Very happy :)

Before we roll into Boxing Day, we had our Xmas dinner at Swiss Garden Hotel.


I had about 12.
I had about 15. BURP.

So, Merry Xmas bitches and I love you! Hope you had a wonderful time too :)

12 thoughts on “What I got on Xmas 2008.”

  1. Kim !
    Yeah, couldnt attend cause with my leg swells up badly if I leave it down for too long and the fact I had to go back really early if I have went. Plus the lack of transport. = \

    Was out the whole day today, church in the morning, christmas lunch at an aunt’s place and another christmas dinner. My foot swelled up to rather epic proportions.

    Lol, btw the toilet seat was back at the 2005 edition. =D

  2. horny: coz im bootiful

    fox: take care man, don’t aggravate your injury lah!

    ky: i know!! so lucky this year haha

    hb: there is probably. try blacklabelads.com it’s owned by adbrite too :D

  3. im thinking so many people give u presents this round. actually it means u gotta give all these people gifts during their big days too. the more u receive, the more u need to give soon. haha

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