Report: Inaugural Christmas Dinner Party at the Davieses.

Yay! Finally we’ve managed to throw the Xmas party that we’ve wanted to since last year but couldn’t.

Gareth has always envisioned a Xmas dinner party just like the ones when he was a kid where everyone’s seated down at the dinner table, eating and drinking until it’s impossible to eat and drink anymore. We got just that :D

At first, our initial plan was only to invite around 10 people due to lack of space but we ended up with 22 on paper and 23 on the day itself (cause I kept inviting more people hahaha). I’m glad to report that everyone was successfully seated!!!

The preparations began about a week before Xmas. We were basically out shopping for supplies everyday. Then home to make whatever than can be made earlier.

# – Marinating 3 massive rolls of pork loin, weighing about 4 kilos.

# – Brushing marinade over the ribs, all 7 kilos of them.

# – G made the beef stout stew. ONLY 2 kilos of meat.

I even made timetables for everyday from 22 December up till 25 December. However, by the eve of Xmas eve though, I was slightly panicky because I wasn’t sure if my lone oven were up to the task.

Suan came to my rescue by lending me her oven and all was well again /phew. Thank you Suan <3 # - Suan's oven which saved my life.

On Xmas day itself, my schedule basically went pear-shaped. By 3pm I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stick to it :P

# – The redundant schedule.

Thankfully some folks arrived earlier and were helping me and keeping me sane.

David helped me peel 4.5kilos of potatoes AND boil them, Grill Sargeant Lance helped to peel loads of strong onions (sorry!) as well as whip up some awesome prawn cocktail dressing.

He also brought the most ridiculously delicious lobster bisque ever (missing it already). Everybody else was chipping in whenever help was needed. I love you guys!!!!

# – Folks helping out in the kitchen.

# – Looloo & Jayna helping Lance to butter buns.

Before I realised, it was Xmas Dinner time! Woohoo!

# – Ho ho ho.

Here are some of the food that were served:

# – The sweet & sticky bbq ribs, recipe from John Torode. Blogged about them here.

# – Thank you Horng for cutting the ribs for easy consumption hehe.

# – Sargeant Grill Lance brought lobster bisque which was BEAUTIFUL… *angels sing*.

# – Lainey BB staking a claim on the home cured pork loins (recipe adapted from Nigella Lawson’s recipe, added pineapple juice to tenderise the meat further which was a good call!).

# – Of course, one of my favourite recipes – the fool-proof herb roasted chicken. We had two chickens instead of a turkey cause I was scared to make turkey lol. Btw, blogged about it here.

# – Layered potatoes (blogged about it here) & Christmas coleslaw (from Nigella again).

# – Chicken liver pate served with store-bought melba toasts (blogged about it here). Made two ramekins of it.

# – Xmas couscous that I haphazardly threw together (cause I thought there weren’t enough potatoes…I was wrong :P).

# – Prawn cocktails for everyone!

# – 3 desserts – tropical fruit pavlova, orange trifle (made by Gareth) and apple crumble (recipe here).

Another salad, roast potatoes and mash not in picture. We also totally forgotten about the beef stout stew still on the stove, only 2 people ate it in the end :P

We had too much food. There were supposed to be cabbage & bacons, boiled peas, garlic roasted carrots as well as a cheese platter with grapes and olives but there were just (and too little time lol). Maybe next year!

# – Leftovers.

# – Michael & Lance. Everyone pretty much looked like this after dinner. Objective achieved!

# – Suan pointing at Lance while Yuki camwhored, Charlie chilled and Melissa still eating!

# – The drunk-ish: KY, Jerry, Desmond, Horng, Terence, Kerol, G, Ruby, Whey Lu & Sam.

# – The pwetties: Yuki, Kerol, Li Ling and Melissa.

# – The waiting for food ones: Ee Laine, Sam, Desmond (with his face hidden again), Jerry, Whey Lu, David, Haze, KY & Lainey BB.

# – Terence, David, Celine, Desmond & Whey Lu.

# – Eric and Santa.

# – Derek getting molested by Santa.

# – Almost everybody <3

# – The Davieses :D

The best Xmas of my life!! Thanks everyone for making our first ever Xmas dinner party so fabulous <3 Looking forward to making this an annual thing. # - Merry Xmas and Happy New Year from #emocharlie.

30 thoughts on “Report: Inaugural Christmas Dinner Party at the Davieses.”

  1. THANK YOU AGAIN for having us!!!!! SUPER AWESOME foods cooked by KIM!!!! OMFG!!!! *wiggle wiggle*
    Next year we do it again!! can ah? :P muahahahahahahahah…

    1. thanks for the oven suan! recipe is here, the only change i made was instead of all apple juice, i substituted half with pineapple juice coz i felt that it tenderises meat better. worked out brilliantly :D

  2. don’t be silly bb. thank YOU & g for making our christmas awesome!
    LOOOOOOOOVVVEEEE forever & eternity + infinity x 7! :D


    BTW, My punch finished even before the dinner started, hehe. Watudu, when you have nothing to eat and nothing to do but wait, you drink! LOL.

    1. we went out hunting for foldable tables that could extend nicely from our existing dining table and slim stools lol thanks babe, your party looked really fun and sexy hehe

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