Artsy fartsies.

I laughed out loud reading aeroplane1234‘s post about ‘art’. I totally agree with him, I don’t get it sometimes. Sometimes all these so-called art pieces are downright ludicrous. And people who appreciate these ‘art’ are lets face it, pretentious. They need to look at my 5-year-old doodles because they are 500 times better than your deep, thoughtful art. Art my fart!

I had the fortune of visiting Tate in Liverpool during my trip to UK. The visit was mostly amazing with some shiznits (like sticking thousands of dead butterfly wings to make a collage, hello?), but some of the stuff on display did incite a couple of “HUH?”.

Like that huge canvas of just the colour blue.

IKB by Yves Klein. I like to call it The Horrendously Overrated Blue.

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