Nothing works better..

than looking at old pictures of yourself to motivate weight loss.

I was just looking through some old pictures and then I stumbled upon one that was taken 2 years ago.

Circa 2005. No internet disease angle and I was in a freakin’ tube top with no visible flesh peeking out!!!

I was too hot. I would hump myself, no second thoughts.

But today, I look like this…

Taken two months ago. Chronic internet disease angle, tanned, greasy and look like a monkey boy.

Seriously, you really won’t realise how freakin’ hot yourself was till you’re looking like shit.

I’m going to lose weight and get so toned you will cry!!!!

p/s: Some of you will disagree with my undeniable hotness in retrospect but I want you to know that I don’t really give a damn about what you think so quit trying to convince me otherwise.

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