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Thank you so much everyone for wishing me on my birthday! It’s so heartwarming for me to see so many birthday wishes in the comment section. Not to mention the calls and sms. Thanks thanks and thanks.


I got tagged by Ringo for a hair me-me.

Doing this me-me made me realise something. I’m too…SAFE.

I haven’t dyed my hair since year 2000. I maintained long hair for almost a decade and only recently had them chopped. And now I’m growing out my hair again. Don’t think I’ll ever curl my hair again too. I’m forever doomed as a typical straight, long haired chinese girl. Not that the bf minds, why do men like long hair so much? Check out my post in moNSTerblog to see what I mean.

So after searching high and low, I still couldn’t fulfill the requirement of 8 different hairstyles. So at the expense of the integrity of the me-me, here are 7 instead of 8 different hairstyles for your enjoyment.

1998-2004: Long straight hair for many years.

2002: Added a green hair and fuschia (not visible) hair extension.

Late 2005: Curled my hair. Big mistake.

Mid-2006: Pigtails by Mom during a bonding session. Please ignore the pimple and pale face.

Late 2006: Made the ultimate sacrifice. Transformed my waist-length hair to a bob. But I loved it.

Late 2006: Barely 2 weeks later, I cut my hair again and did the unthinkable. I layered my hair after 8 years. Hated it.

2007: Grew it out a bit and got the Victoria Beckham-ish bob. Love-hate relationship.

And that’s all. Thanks


Here’s an overdue picture of me and Kimfluttersby.

Kim & Kimberly.

Babe’s currently one of the participants of StarCeleb. To catch a glimpse of this beautiful and talented blogger, please note the following roadshows:

    28th – 29th July 2007 (11am onwards )
    Lower Ground Floor Oval, 1 Utama, PJ

    04th – 05th July 2007 ( 11am onwards )
    Boulevard, Berjaya Times Square, KL

Go give the girl some support! She’s #34.

She’s now blogging at too.

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