It’s not about you, I’m just jealous!

Another argument over the same issue. How the fuck am I supposed to explain why I’m jealous. I just bloody am. Am I insecure? I don’t know, maybe. Truth is, it’s not even about you. But it would have hurt if I had said that, wouldn’t it?

I think women are just generally competitive, please correct me if I’m wrong. We’re constantly comparing, who have better hair, who have leaner arms, who’s got a better personality, who’s more intelligent and the list goes on forever. It’s just something that we do, consciously or unconsciously.

Sometimes, you don’t even know this person but you develop a dislike towards her, just because she has better hair and she flirts like a ho (although nobody sees through that except you!) and then, you build on the dislike from snippets of accounts by other people who had contact with this person. And BAM, a fresh villain is born!

But you know it’s jealousy. I know it’s jealousy and it is unwarranted. But 99% of the time I just let my inner bitch goes around her own business as long as she doesn’t screw up my day-to-day life. That is till your boyfriend/husband or good friend decides to fuel your jealousy. “Hey, that girl’s got nice hair”.

I went fucking livid. “Shut up, I don’t want to hear her being talked about favourably in our house”. “Why, I’m just stating a fact. She’s got nice hair. You’re with me and I want only you”. War ensues.

You get my gist?

Of course, this is not just about hair, it’s only a hypothetical situation. I don’t expect men to understand that, especially not self-absorbed men. But ladies, do you get this as well?

Dr. House was the daft prince!

I had just finished watching an episode of Blackadder 3 and waited long enough for the credit to roll by. Then I spotted a familiar name, Hugh Laurie.

So I googled the name and guess what I found, Dr. House! No wonder it’s so familiar, Dr. House was the daft prince regent!

Blackadder, Baldrick and Prince Regent.

Dr. Gregory House

Can’t believe I had completely no idea. Just something I felt like sharing. Heh.

Why so few comments?

Okay, this is probably going to piss off a lot of people. But I need to know, where are the comments!?

It’s really frustrating, I know for a fact that there are people reading my blog. I can see from my sitemeter and the page views but yet, the comments are grossly lacking.

Yeah, I suppose one might say that I should be blogging for myself and therefore the number of comments should be secondary. But no, no, no, I always tell people (who care to ask) the reason why I love blogging is the interaction! When there’s no interaction on my blog posts, it’s really dreadful to write another post. Especially after I’ve put in so much time editing pictures and reorganising my thoughts for a post but all I get in return is nothing more than a count on the sitemeter.

As simple as it sounds, the reason why I’m still here is the comments. How do you feel when you wake up everyday, check your comments and find only spam comments or the odd self-whoring comment? It’s very discouraging, you know.

Tell me, I’m willing to listen, why did I use to get more comments but it’s so damn difficult nowadays? Is my blog getting uninteresting or are you guys just getting lazier? C’mon, be brutal with me!

Oh who am I kidding, this post will probably have zero comments anyway!