Bonding with the girls.

LooLoo’s going to leave this afternoon. Sigh, how time passes :( I’m going to miss you, babe! Be good.

So LooLoo, Jayn and I went to Sungai Wang to eat, shop and pose. Our first destination was Kim Gary, we were so hungry we forgot to take pictures of the food. I ordered pork chop bun; there’s no side dishes, only pork chop, cucumber and tomatoes sandwiched between two pieces of fried buns. It’s not bad, but not as good as the one I had at Kim Gary Beyond in Avenue K. Is there supposed to be difference between the menu of KG’s and KGB’s? Yeah, I thought so too, KGB for initials is rather distasteful.

After chomping on so much food, we decided to pose for the sticker picture machines. RM24 for a pop but all worth it. I think it’s a great bonding activity for girls. Either that, or me and my girlfriends are just still kids at heart. Hehe :)

Trying to strike some chao ah lian pose. I don’t think we’re successful, but that’s just me.

If you think we’re chao ah lians without trying, please STFU.

Of course, I did some shopping too. There was a sale at Vincci, Malaysia’s one-stop for presentable and disposable footwear. I finally got my hands on a pair of heels that matches the handbag that the girls bought me for my birthday. Damn happy, ok. The heels had been a tad too elusive I had almost given up of ever finding them.

See….so matching leh!

I also bought a top.

I’ve got a message to all of you bitches who remotely think they even stand a chance,

evil laugh fades out….

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