What I did for Chinese New Year 2012.

Sorry been very busy during chinese new year. Wanted to blog but a bit difficult, am always moving around either on foot or in the car. But it’s the 3rd day of CNY today and finally I could sit down and breathe properly (and blog).

I cooked reunion dinner for my immediate family. It’s my first time attempting chinese dishes at this scale! Suffice to say I was worried but they turned out fairly well. Only the sauces were too spicy :P

Got TV crew from MHI shooting my prep for the reunion dinner too…it was awkward. So embarrassed when I was trying to put up a pro face while cutting chillies but they kept flying off the chopping board onto the floor -_-

# – Wah, got TV crew somemore!

These were what I cooked:

# – Chilled drunken chicken, braised mushrooms & tofu, steamed fish, tomato prawns, mixed vegetables and marinaded cucumbers. Pork & apple soup not in picture. Yee Sang bought one from Jusco.

The first day of CNY started out really hot and then it poured! I don’t think I’ve ever remember any rain on CNY. And traffic in KL was surprisingly heavy too. So unusual. Perhaps all the talk about this year being a water dragon and all might be true.

# – On the way to a relative’s house with my baby brother. We tried to take this picture about 15 times because I didn’t know where the lens on my phone is. Our eyes kept looking at different directions, in the end…this is the best we could do :P

My dad has recently acquired an Android phone and he’s like a full convert. Good daddy.

# – Here, he’s trying to get one of my uncles to play blackjack with him on his phone. Uncle was like, “Aiyo how to see!? I want real cards!”.

I went to see my maternal granny, uncle, aunty and cousins and their children on the 2nd day. Always happy to see them, most genuine, caring, happy & considerate people I know. My elder cousin brother & his wife are expecting and I’m so happy for them :)

Played chor tai dee with my cousins and brothers, won RM6.80.

While we’re leaving, my popo shyly gave me a rather generous angpow, for my wedding she said. She’s like, “Oh, not enough to get you expensive jewelleries but can get earrings…if not, buy a new pair of spectacles for the wedding!”.

I teared up because she didn’t need to and she’s frail and I know she has better use for the money than I am but at that moment she made me feel like the most loved grandchild in the world. I promise I’ll get something beautiful that I could wear on me for always. And I promise to visit her as often as possible. I love my popo so much <3 We left my popo's for Grill Sargeant Lance's home. He made this incredibly awesome pork ribs, which he said he had braised with several cans of beer. OMG they were so delicious, I even get to tarpao some back home, THANK YOU LANCE!!! Speaking of which, I shall heat them up right after publishing this post hehe. # - Grill Sargeant Lance. Pork ribs between salad and prawns.

Got to try duck bakkua for the first time. Someone on Facebook said it should be called duckkua, hehe. It was quite delicious, but I’d still prefer fatty, fatty pork.

# – No feathers. (See, my eyes senget already cause I can’t tell where the lens is FML).

We played blackjack for several hours and I ended up losing RM5. Since I won RM6.80 at my popo’s earlier, I’m still RM1.80 up hahaha.

HUAT AHHHHHH!!! Have a merry happy chinese new year. Stay positive!

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  1. Gong hei fatt choi arrr ah kim!!!

    Oh that picture of you not looking at the lens reminds me of this guy who never looked at the camera cos he has cocked eyes wtf.

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