Someone wanted to scam me. Please!

Was walking to my car after work. It seemed strange because at that hour the car park is usually pretty quiet, but today there were a few people pacing around. As I was about to enter my car, a girl from that group of people approached me. In her hand was a stack of printed envelopes.

The envelopes.

She told me that her company was having a promotion and asked me if I were interested to participate. I told her I wasn’t interested but she was very persistent, kept saying that if I participated I might get 50% off from some electrical items. I couldn’t get her off my back so I humoured her by agreeing to it. She handed me one of the printed envelopes and told me to open it by tearing off at the perforated line. Before I did it, she also showed me some opened envelopes with a big “THANK YOU” printed on them. According to her, if my envelope said “Thank You” then it means I wouldn’t be eligible for the prizes and she’d take my envelope back. Fine, I thought.

If it says “Thank You”, give it back.

So I quickly tore of my envelope (was rushing to beat the jam), so quickly that I didn’t quite tear at the perforated line…more like half of the envelope. When I opened it, it says “RM 1,500 000″ and some kind of disclaimer on it. So I gave the envelope back to the girl and asked her what it was.

W00t, instant millionaire?

She exclaimed in surprise that she had never seen anything like that. She was like “EH??? EH??? WHAT IS THIS? I HAVEN’T SEEN THIS BEFORE? EH??”. First of all, homegirl has got the worst acting ever. I could instantly detect her fake surprise. I told her to buzz off cause I was not going to get scammed. Some more, she had the cheeks to ask me what I’m talking about and don’t I want to win RM1.5 mil. I told her, no…and that it’s a scam and I’ve read about shit like this in the papers and I’m going home right now.

Bad actress.

When I closed my car door I almost clipped her head cause she was peering into my car. Stupid bitch! Wanted to inform the car park attendants but they were nowhere to be seen so I just left hoping nobody got scammed after me. Probably not, the girl would have to first brush up her acting, seriously.

Then again, don’t know why some people still get conned into stuff like this. C’mon, anything that sounds too good to be true is exactly what it is, too good to be true.

I say, whatevsssssss to these scams.

3 thoughts on “Someone wanted to scam me. Please!”

  1. Good on you! My sister was almost conned by good acting! I had to spend a lot of time convincing her not to believe in all those news paper clippings of winners!

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