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Biggest Bloggers Movie Outing

250 bloggers came together to watch the premier of Pirates of the Caribbean 3, thanks to Tim, Ming and team at Nuffnang for making it happened. My only gripe was that it’s a working day, so it was a lot of rushing. Rushing back from work, rushing to change, rushing to catch the movie, rushing to go home to sleep. There wasn’t much time to mingle around with other bloggers, which is a pity considering it’s one of the biggest gatherings of bloggers in Malaysia. Well, I’m sure there’s always a next time.

One of the first bloggers I saw was Tim. He looked a little pooped, obviously from working so hard trying to ensure that everything went right. I believe his efforts paid off, as this momentous event went without a hitch. Then I saw Jeff and his family. It was kind of surreal to meet the wife and daughter of this controversial fella, it felt almost like the first time when I met Jeff.

When I entered the cinema, it was already full house! Glad I made it just in time before the seats were taken up. I saw Kid Chan in his usual jolly self and Biao Ger, talking cock as usual lor =)

The bunch of faggots (Suan, KY, Val and FA and God) were seated far back. I could barely make out their faces, their distinctive pirate hats would put Jack Sparrow to shame. I also saw Jennifer and Cherrie.

Futile identification.

The movie started and it felt like an eternity from then on. Really long, with the occasional chuckle that didn’t quite salvage the movie. Personally, I think it has fallen short of expectation, grossly short. Not the kind of stuff I would watch for more than one time. I shouldn’t spoil it for those who hasn’t watched but I can assure you that you wouldn’t miss much anyway. The best part of the movie was appearance by Keith Richards. He’s too cool for school. I suspect the fella didn’t need much on the makeup department too…how old is he again? 184 years old?

The movie finally ended. I stuck around till the credits finished rolling because a reliable source told me that there’d be something to look forward to. That final, final scene was of course cheesy as hell.

Thanks to Exabytes for the popcorn and drinks, although they were stale and diluted. Beggars can’t be chooser aye. One thing about Cathay Cineleisure, I no understand why movie not yet end the exit doors already opened big big? So distracting to me eyes. Is it cause can’t wait to throw us out? Cathay Cineleisure could do better on the timing, really. And the popcorn size too, while I’m at it. Otherwise, it’ll only be ever getting spillover customers from GSC, which rocks IMHO.

Mingled around for a bit to make up for loss time. Camwhored just a teeny bit with Jolene,Penispupz and a bunch of girls…and Tim of course. Thanks Yee Hou for helping me take the pictures!

Me and Penny

ST, me and Jolene.

Penny, Jolene, Sweat Lee, Albert, WenQi, pinkpau, Tim, ahbeng pirate and me!

Missed the faggots on the way out and thus no pictures taken with them in their awesome costume =( So, it was pretty fun…wish more people had dressed up!!!

Thanks again to Nuffnang for making this happened!

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Our first Ericssons.

Mom’s been using a beat up Samsung for the longest time. So boo and I thought it’s about time she gets a new mobile phone. I think she really digs her birthday present. She was playing with it like a new toy.

It’s a Sony Ericsson K610i, not the latest fancy gadget out there but suits my mom to a T. Very light, with an MP3 player, a 2.0 mega pixels camera, large display, 3G enabled, bluetooth and all the other trimmings.

Birthday girl and her present.

The first mobile phone my mom bought me was an Ericsson PF768.

Ericsson PF768. Awesome yellow display!

10 years later, she also receives an Ericsson, hehehe.

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About time I voice my feelings about Nuffnang ads

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with blog advertisements. I first started out with Adsense, but my earnings never exceeded USD 85 even after more than a year. Subsequently, I removed the Google ads from my blog. Thought I would swear off blog advertisements but I did get acquainted with payperpost and text link ads. The former, I realised was equivalent to blog suicide but I’m still sticking with text link ads for its non-intrusiveness and somewhat lax requirements. I don’t earn much from text link ads but who’s complaining about passive income?

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve tweaked my blog around to accommodate Nuffnang ads. I’m really happy with the ad revenue that my blog is bringing me via Nuffnang. To be honest, when I first heard about Nuffnang, the first feeling to strike me was relief. Finally, local ads with local content are available to Malaysian bloggers. I’ve always felt that Google ads were terribly out of place on my blog but not with Nuffnang ads. I’m also glad that it’s not a pay per click model…the Nuffnang model, grouping blogs into different payment bands is nothing short of genius! It’s also comforting to know that the duo behind Nuffnang, Tim and Ming are such passionate entrepreneurs with good heads on their shoulders. After chatting with them, Tim especially, understanding their vision and ambitions for Nuffnang, I’d feel it would be criminal for Malaysian bloggers not to support Nuffnang. So far, Nuffnang has served 4 ad campaigns to me and the current one is from is a website that provides high quality mobile phone ringtones, wallpapers, games, screensavers and videos for a nominal price. Personally, I’m only into the MP3 ringing tones, which cost RM4 for each. Quite reasonably priced, considering the convenience and quality of the ringing tone. I suppose one could get MP3 ringing tones for free nowadays but this service is great for those who are technologically n00b and who are just in no mood to synchronise the laptop/phone or deal with cables. Just go to, set your phone model and voila…time for some shopping.

I’m impressed with the collection of MP3 ringtones that they have. And now, I’m terribly addicted =P

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