Fools and monkeys.

The good old days of blogosphere have passed. There was a time when you could voice radical opinions without incurring the wrath of the monkeys. In order to achieve that took a lot of skills. It’s really an art, so to speak. And the art is called subtlety. So, what was so wrong with those times? When you could think aloud and make them monkeys go purple from frustration without landing yourself in the zoo. Positive changes did take place, albeit slowly but it guaranteed everyone’s right and freedom to a healthy extent. I had no problem with that.

Malaysians are accustomed to the lack of freedom in expression, particularly when it pertains to issue regarding the monkeys. When blogs emerged as a medium of expression, people were pleased. Finally, we got to write about things that the main publications would not publish. But Malaysians aren’t fools, Malaysians exercise cautions. Even the most radical blogger have lawyers to back him up in case he slipped up, no?

So those were the good old days. But, where have they gone to? Some prolific bloggers have allowed fame and blind support to get into their heads, thus causing them to believe that they’re invincible. That they are the untouchables. They get so bloated up with pride that they think everything in blogosphere happens in relative to them. Of course, that couldn’t be further from the truth. However, the monkeys, stupid as they may be, are just happen to be smart enough to play along to that. Why shut up the few brash ones when you could shut up the whole lot of them, they think to themselves.

All Malaysian bloggers are walking on thin ice now. And who is to blame? I’m afraid, the fools have rushed in and let the monkeys steal the bananas.

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