It’s the wind.

Mom’s having a rather hard time trying to cut the umbilical cord. I don’t blame her, if I had a daughter I’d probably behave like her, maybe worse. Which is why I really don’t plan on having daughters. Once, I played some silly game of fortune telling with my friends. The game was supposed to tell you the sex and number of children you’ll have in the future by observing the movement of a ring suspended mid air with a strand of hair. I played it for 4 times and all the outcomes were stubbornly “two girls”.

I stubbornly maintain that it was the wind’s fault. Ideally, I’d like to have 3 boys. Four males to dote on me. Oops, I think I’ve just given away the real reason why I wanted boys…..

I’ll be rather busy in the next two weeks and more after. Finally, some real errands to run. Perhaps then I’ll have more interesting things to write about here. I’m kind of tired of trying to squeeze my shrivelled pea of a brain for blogging inspiration. So I threw Poonani Kiwi into the limelight.

Poonani Kiwi is my muse and alter ego in my imaginary world. She hates attention, hates people pleasers, hates makeup, hates stupid people in general, hates balless fucktards and hates people with no fucking opinions. And I think she hates me too for subjecting her to eating penguin, penguin’s boobs no less, for survival (because she would have been be able to survive in the jungle on ants), but I was in terrible need of a laugh.

Anyway, while my life is supposedly falling into place, new concerns are cropping up by the second. What’s new, right?

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