Juicy mess.

We have this nifty little no-frills food processor at home. It does almost everything, including juicing. So yesterday, we decided to juice up all the oranges and apples that have been left to rot in the fridge for the past 2 months.

I cut the fruits up while he threw them into the mouth of the machine. Everything was fine and dandy….we tasted the juice along the way and it was yummy.

Then it was time to get ride of the pulp for the next batch of fruits. So he unscrewed the cap and proceeded to pour the pulp onto his palm. There were more pulp and juice then his hand could cradle, so he panicked and immediately held the jar upright again, which got more juice on the kitchen floor.


After cleaning up the mess, we continued with the juicing. This time we decided to throw in some ice, for some homemade slurpee. It was successful. He unscrewed the cap, tasted the concoction with a spoon. Wah very nice, he thought. So excited he immediately detach the container from the deck. You know those blenders that you have to twist the container to get the blades spinning. Yes we bought one of those.

Before I knew it, we had orange slurpee splattered all over the kitchen floor and fridge and toaster and kettle. I glared at him and told him that he’s like a little “kid rascal I want to scream at so badly”. He just smiled sheepishly.

I poured the orange slurpee (that managed to remain in the container) into a glass, walked to the computer room, sat down and surfed. Tried to coax myself into a zen state of mind.

After a while, he called me and asked me to go to the kitchen. It was sparkling. I’ve got to admit, he’s much better at cleaning up than me.

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